Much of the following information is gleaned from Pevsner, other books about churches, and church guide books, supplemented by personal visits to many of the churches in question.

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These lists are based upon extensive research by Linda Hall , a member of the West Gallery Music Association , into the whereabouts of church galleries, and to whom we are indebted for her help and enthusiasm. 

Other information has been added to her basic list, which, again, has been supplemented by the individual County indexes.

* = photographed, information available for adding to site details
# = other fittings of the period (more than just one item), plus "atmosphere".



* # 1588 Melverley, Shropshire
  1610 Worth, Sussex
  1610 Wolverhampton
* 1611 Lyme Regis, Dorset
  1616 Ashford, Kent
  1619 Braunton, Devon
* 1620 Sidbury, Devon
  1621 Whitestone, Devon
* 1622 Old Woking, Surrey
  1623 North Petherton, Somerset
* 1627 Newdigate, Surrey
  1631 St. Mary's, Reading, Berks
* 1632 Kentisbeare, Devon
* 1632 Odiham, Hants
* 1633 St. Saviour, Dartmouth, Devon
*#  1634 Dorney, Bucks
  1634 Moreton Say, Shropshire
* # 1635 Puddletown, Dorset
  1635 East Brent, Somerset
  1637 Ashford, Kent
  1637 Wilby, Norfolk
  1637 Berrow, Somerset
  1638 Warborough (Berks or Oxon??)
  1657 Sandford, Devon
  1662 Burford Chapel, Oxon
# 1676 Berrick Salome, Oxon
  1693 Northmoor, Oxon
* 1701 Winterbourne Abbas, Dorset (north gallery)
* 1703 Northolt, Middlesex
  1704 Lambourne, Essex
  1705 St. Leonard, Deal, Kent (NB "looks earlier" - Pevsner)
  1706 Portsmouth Cathedral, Hants
  1706 Seend, Wilts
* 1708 Winterborne Steepleton, Dorset
# 1711 Cameley, Somerset
* # 1716 Abbott's Ann, Hampshire
* # 1719 Rushton Spencer, Staffs
  1726 Seend, Wilts
  1726 Hope Bagot, Shropshire
  1730 Crosscanonby, Cumbria
* 1733 Bishop's Waltham, Hants
  1734 Silverton, Devon
  1736 Ribchester, Lancs
* # 1738 Bramley, Hants
* 1748 Shere, Surrey
  1750 Selworthy, Somerset
* 1754 Sidbury, Devon
  1754 North Cerney, Glos
  1756 St Andrew, Chichester, Sussex
  1761 Chearsley, Bucks
  1767 Holme-upon-Spaldingmoor, Yorks
  1771 Trentishoe, Devon
* # 1771 Avington, Hants
# 1792 Morden, Surrey
* 1794 Blandford Forum, Dorset
* 1802 Feltham, Middlesex
* 1808 Abbotsbury, Dorset
* 1812 Froyle, Hants


NB: - References in these columns are by modern Counties
Harrold New west gallery and organ now replace the old west galleries removed in 1904/5.
Odell * 1637
Wrestlingworth Early C19th.
Blunham Baptist Chapel with west gallery (fairly modern).
Besselsleigh 17th/18th C.  No ref. in Pevsner.
Buckland Jacobean balustraded tower gallery.
Bucklebury * # West gallery 19th C. ?  (BP)
Hamstead Marshall West gallery 17th C. (or 18th. C)
Little Coxwell * Gallery with remains of former rood screen.
Newbury Modern church,west gallery
Reading, St. Mary's
"Above is a good carved gallery erected in 1631 and extending one bay eastwards at that time. It was moved back in 1864 when the organ was moved to the north transept." (Churches of the Thames Valley) (NB Pevsner says 1631 screen.)
Windsor, St John Baptist Dating from 1822, this church has west and side galleries supported on cast iron columns.
Biddlesden Church 1731. Two-storey west gallery, upper part for the family of the house.
Chearsley 1761 west gallery.
Dorney * # "West gallery1634 Henry Felo" on centre panel = Henry Fellows. Gallery still used by singers and musicians.  Box-pews.
Dunton * # Late C18th. "Humble, with many inscriptions, including two in Greek." (Pevsner.)  Box-pews.
Ibstone (NB No ref. in Pevsner)
Ickford Church 17th C. West gallery projecting on two columns.
Langley * 1811 minstrels' gallery at west end of north aisle; now holds organ, bought in 1865.
Loudwater Church 1788. "Three pretty galleries" (Pevsner.)
Nether Winchendon C18th. (Another source says C17th.)
Newton Blossomville C18th. No ref. in Pevsner. 
C19th. "All but rebuilt circa 1850...the effect...due to the use of plenty of old materials is not Victorian."
Bottisham West gallery 1839.  (RCHME)   No ref. in Pevsner.
Conington West gallery18th C., nave 1737.   (RCHME)   No ref. in Pevsner.
Gamlingay C17th.   (RCHME)   Made up of parts, probably of a parclose screen.
Wimpole 1749. Turned balusters.
Trumpington Modern west gallery, post 1950 with splat balusters; for organ.
Tushingham 1689-91. West gallery with outside stair. Gallery possibly circa 1821, as in that year the owner of the manor, Daniel Vawdrey, offered to pay for its construction. (Chatfield)
Church 1749; West gallery with turned balusters. (RCHME)  

Church rebuilt 1749, and again largely rebuilt in 1887.  "Inside survives little of the good manners of the 18th C., and the west gallery of 1887 with its elephantiasis of Gothic forms leaves one bewildered."  (Pevsner)

Alderley 18th C west gallery.
Ashton-on-Mersey West gallery mostly 18th C.  "Massive gallery".  (AM)
Baddiley 17th/18th C west gallery
Chelford Box-pews in a predominantly 1776 church
Cholmondeley Family pew, screen, altar rails, galleries and box-pews.  (AM)
Congleton, St Peter's Church 1742.   Three galleries. #
Mobberley Jacobean gallery.  (AM)
Nether Tabley  Chapel 1675 (moved 1928) – complete furnishings including west gallery

Stockport, St. Mary’s          

Stockport, St Thomas Church 1825.  Galleries in three sides
Threapwood Church 1815 Three galleries.
Church 1689-91. West gallery with outside stair. Gallery possibly circa 1821, as in that year the owner of the manor, Daniel Vawdrey, offered to pay for its construction. (Chatfield)
Wrenbury West gallery, date??
Boconnoc West gallery 17th C. (NB No ref. in Pevsner.)
Helston, St. Michael Church 1762. Three galleries; stair in 1830 porch.
Torpoint Church 1819. Gallery on iron columns.
Truro, St. John's Church 1828, with west gallery.
Crosscanonby West gallery 1730
Edenhall West gallery 17th C.
Millom "Organ in old gallery."   (AM)
Penrith "Panelled gallery."    (AM)
Whitehaven Church 1752-3.   Galleries
Barlow Outside stair to gallery.
Dale Abbey * # C17th. Outside stair to gallery.
Foremark Church 1662, west gallery 1819.  #                          
Shirley West tower 1861, N aisle 1842.  “The west gallery on cast-iron columns and the box-pews no doubt of 1842” (Pevsner) 
Winster Tower 1711, church rebuilt 1883.  (Info from Rosie Strauss, WGMA)
Branscombe * # West gallery "one of the finest and earliest to be erected in any English parish church, together with a unique stone staircase from the outside of the building to give it access."  (Church Guide) NB - The outside stair is far from "unique"!
Braunton 1619 Jacobean. "organ gallery" (Pevsner.)
Broadhembury Has 19th C west gallery with organ. 1845 west gallery to south aisle built as a private pew.
Buckerell * # West gallery built for organ in 1907.
Cullompton * West gallery 1637. 16 figures = four evangelists and 12 apostles. Organ installed 1826. Second gallery at west end of Lane's aisle removed 1850.
Dartmouth, St. Petrox * Church rebuilt 1641.  Jacobean gallery front with turned balusters lines tower and has been used as a war memorial.
Dartmouth, St. Saviour * West gallery 1633.  Woodwork said to have come from a Spanish galleon; seems doubtful.
Dunsford 18th C.   No ref. in Pevsner.
Exeter, St. Martin's 17th/18th C. west gallery has arms of Bishop Trelawney (1688-1707) as well as Royal Arms.
Gittisham * # C18th. No ref. in Pevsner. First used on Good Friday 1701 (? - check date.)  Box-pews.
Kentisbeare * West gallery 1632, repainted 1704. Given by Anstice Wescombe, wife of Robert Wescombe. Verses painted on the front;

Anstice late wife of Robert Wescombe here
Built this loft in the Church of Kentisbeare,
For the convenient hearing of the Word
And praising of the true and living Lord
She also gave the proffit of the same
Unto the poor in memory of her name.
The donors are deceased and all we
Who now survive then their good acts do see.
Wich if they should be quickly out of mind
Discourage 'twill the piously inclined.
The reason why these lines are set to view
It is because the poor should have their due.
Molland # C18th. No ref. in Pevsner.
Rockbeare Elizabethan parapet to gallery.
Sandford 1657 Jacobean, "yet the form still purely Jacobean". Returned a little down both aisles. (Pev.)
Sidbury * Gallery built 1620, extended 1754. Possible outside stair.
Silverton * Gallery 1734. 1763 upper gallery built for choir and orchestra. Removed 1860. Also removed gallery at east end of south aisle.
Tiverton St George Built 1714-1716 for dissenters used as warehouse instead fitted out 1727 -33 for Anglicans.Yellow sandstone symmetrical north &south doors shallow chancel & low West tower. Barrel vault ceiling Segmental coffering over altar 3 galleries west added 1842 when other 2altered. Columns with piers above galleries with Ionic capitals.3 sided graceful. Communion rails, panelling round chancel, pillastered ionic pieces flank pedimented panels containing inscriptions. Cartouche with lion mask and Diocesan arms is original on west gallery.
Trentishoe Gallery 1771. Hole in gallery panelling for bow of double bass.
Upton Pyne In tower arch with 18th C. balustrade.
Whitestone, 1621 Jacobean . . . " yet still entirely Elizabethan in style, on turned baluster columns." (Pevsner.)
Abbotsbury * North gallery removed 1885. 1808 west gallery survives.
Blandford Forum * # 1794 gallery built for new organ - date on Royal Arms in centre. Extended 1819 and 1837. Extensions removed 1971.  Box-pews.
Castleton (Sherborne) Church 1715. West gallery + reused Jacobean stair.
Chalbury # Late 18th C. west gallery etc.  Box-pews.
Longham Congregational Chapel 1841 with west gallery.
Lyme Regis * 1611 west gallery. N and S galleries removed 1885.

Additional words "seven times Mayor" have been lost.
Poole Church 1820.   Galleries.
Portland Church 1777.   West gallery and transept galleries.
Puddletown * # 1635 With turned balusters.

Archbishop Laud's visitation led to the conclusion that a pillar needed strengthening, the seats were not decent and were much decayed, and more seating was needed. A meeting of parishioners on August 10th 1634 decided to reseat the church throughout, strengthen the pillar and arch, make a pulpit and prayer desk, provide a communion table and rails, build a west gallery with seats, and provide a new font cover. All of these furnishings still survive in situ. The estimated cost of £130 was to be raised by subscriptions, by a levy of 5/- on seat holders, and by "five ordinary single rates." A 1637 seating plan survives, when the sexes were segregated. Another of 1679 shows them no longer separated. The gallery was intended for extra seating, but for a long time served as a musicians' gallery.

Puddletown = Weatherbury in Hardy's novels. Hardy says that his grandfather when a young man, before 1800, lived in Puddletown and played violoncello in church. He later became a member of the Stinsford choir, by which time Puddletown had eight instrumentalists and Stinsford only four, all Hardys. Hardy's father told him that at Puddletown "in the time of the violin, oboe and clarionet players, Tom Sherren used to copy tunes during the sermon." In 1845 a barrel organ was introduced and the band (two clarionets, a piccolo, a bassoon, and two bass viols) dispensed with. In 1852 a small manual organ replaced the barrel organ, which was sold to Bere Regis. The present organ was built 1906 and stands in the gallery, which is still used by the choir.  
Tarrant Rawston West gallery.  (Dorset churches leaflet)
West Stafford * # ca. 1640. Fittings include a west gallery. (NB some sources say gallery 18th C.)
Winterborne Steepleton * # West gallery 1708,  with turned balusters.
Winterborne Tomson * # Early 18th  C. furnishings, including a west gallery. Gallery is re-sited rood loft; reached by ladder.  Box-pews.
Winterbourne Abbas * 1701 north gallery, which now houses the organ.
*Durham, St. Mary-le-Bow  1741 (now a museum)
Alresford "Nice west gallery with twisted balusters,  18th C."  (Pevsner)
Belchamp Otten, EC 19 Box-pews and North-west gallery.   (Pevsner)
Billericay Late 18th C. interior, with three galleries and other fittings.    (Pevsner)
Boxted 1836 west gallery, on cast-iron columns.  (Pevsner)
Chingford  Church 1844, enlarged 1903, with west gallery.   (Pevsner)
Chipping Ongar The chancel and nave date from the 11th century.  The original date of the west gallery is not recorded, but it appears to have been in existence before 1752 - 53, when other work was being carried out.  The gallery was rebuilt in 1860, and in 1896 a new organ was positioned on it and the choir moved to the chancel.

"Nice west gallery on two Tuscan columns"  (Pevsner)

Colchester, St Botolph Church 1837, with galleries.  (Pevsner)
Colchester, St Giles [now redundant] Interior of church 1819, including the west gallery   (Pevsner)
Colchester, St Peter Church dates from the 18th C. and has North and South galleries.   (Pevsner)
Danbury "In the tower a pretty gallery of circa 1600" (Pev)
East Horndon Early 17th C galleries.  "Balconie or galleries divide the narrow transepts into two storeys."  (Pevsner)
Harwich, St Nicholas Church built 1821 with three galleries.  West gallery contains the organ  which was built for it.  High pews at west end, pew for Mayor and Corporation.
Lambourne Gallery 1704 (gift of London ironmonger.)
Lawford,  EC19 North arcade 1826; The north aisle has "wooden gallery on cast-iron shafts"  (Pevsner)
North End, EC19, Black Chapel Timber-framed and with Priest's House attached.  West gallery has tiny organ.   (Pevsner)
South Benfleet West gallery 1931 by Sir Charles Nicholson  (Pevsner)
Stanford Rivers Nave mid-12th C. Chancel 14th C.  West gallery constructed 1817.  Bomb damage 1944 and restoration 1948-52.  The west gallery was not taken down, but a partition was was fixed to the front of it, so converting it into a Parish Room, and no longer usable as a gallery.

"Bits of tracery [from screen] have been re-used in the west gallery"   (Pevsner)

Wanstead Church built 1787-90.   Three galleries.  (BP)
West Bergholt # "Rustic C18th gallery" (guide book)
Woodford Church 1817.    North and South galleries.   (Pevsner)
Badminton Church 1785
Bishop's Cleeve C17th.
Bristol, St. John's C17th.
Bristol, St. Thomas the Martyr Church 1792-93. West gallery 1728-32 from previous church.
Buck land C18th
Dowdeswell Little remaining earlier than the 17th C internally, but there are two galleries. That at the west end belonged to the Lord of the Manor, and the smaller gallery in the north transept to the Rector. Pews face three ways.  Chancel is some 3 ft. above the nave.  (TC)
Newent * Had south and west galleries and another across chancel and Lady Chapel. Latter taken down 1805. 1839 south and west galleries rebuilt. South gallery removed 1912.
North Cerney * West gallery 1754
Westerleigh * C18th.
Abbotts Ann  *# Church 1716.  West gallery and box-pews
Ashmansworth  *#  Two tiny west galleries, labelled "Earl of Portsmouth" and "Rector". Access uncertain.
Avington  * # Church 1768-71.   Gallery dated 1771. Barrel organ in gallery and two small original benches. Box-pews.
Beaulieu C18th?
Bishop's Waltham * 1733 faculty gallery for "the singers"; the parishioners applied to the Bishop of Winchester for a faculty to erect a west gallery for "seat room in the church there to sitt together to sing Psalms". The faculty was issued in 1733 and the gallery built. It still exists and has eight long seats. The faculty granted to each of the five applicants the right to one of these seats for their own use and for their family and tenants. The other three seats were for "the singers of Psalms". The faculty has never been revoked, so the seats are still available for the present owners and occupants of the properties of the original applicants. Organ installed 1734. 

1797 gallery built over south aisle; removed 1897, along with the dormers which had been added to light it. 

Boarhunt  # Circa 1853. Furnishings all pitch pine and presumably date from 1853 restoration. Very old-fashioned.
Bramley * 1728 decided to build west gallery "for the young people and servants of the parish". 1884 added Ionic pillars to strengthen it to take the organ. Gallery still there. One source says 1738.
Bramshaw C19th   ? 1829
Brockenhurst Early C19th
Dummer C17th. Deep west gallery
East Dean C18th
Farnborough C7th."On odd polygonal pillars. Square balusters to the parapet." (Pevsner.)
Froyle 1812   No ref. in Pevsner
Idsworth Well-restored 1912;  gallery dates from then.
Kingsley, St. Nicholas C18th
Lymington C18th galleries on Tuscan columns.
Minstead * # C18th north and west galleries, 1818 upper west gallery. Dormers to light galleries. In the churchyard on the south side is a tombstone with a carved serpent above the inscription: "To the memory of Thomas Maynard who departed this life July 9th 1817 aged 27 years. The Band of Musicians of the South Hants Yeomanry (of which he was a Member) in testimony of their esteem caused this stone to be erected."
Nateley Scures C18th.  No reference in Pevsner.
North Baddesley C18th with C20th front
Odiham * 1632. North and south galleries added 1836, removed 1897.

" Gallery originally placed in front of tower; in 1836 cut in two to allow for new central west gallery and moved further back on either side of tower, losing the inscription at each end.
Portsmouth Cathedral 1706, extended 1750
Portsmouth, St. Anne C18th (restored)
Southwick, St. James C18th. Church 1566. Gallery has painted panelled front on twisted wooden posts.
Stratfield Saye C18th
Tadley "Sturdy late C17th balusters, alas half sawn-off." (Pevsner.) Possibly same date as tower, 1685.
Yarmouth, IOW * Church rebuilt EC17;  gallery C18.
Abbey Dore * circa 1634
Clodock * # Mid to late C17th (or circa 1715.) Seat backs have short turned balusters; wide stair. "The South section near the window for the musicians or instrumentalists or orchestra has an oblong music table in the centre, bevelled at the top to hold the music, and with square tapering legs. This occupies about a quarter of the gallery. Three-quarters is given to the minstrels or the village choir; with seats facing the chancel, and quite steep, one behind the other, so that the singer behind could sing over the head of the one in front. The seats have moulded edges and backs, ending with a moulded rail held by a turned pillar or baluster. The gallery has a moulded front beam, and this is supported by two rectangular posts decorated with curved furrows. There are delightful panels in the front with a moulded rail, and underneath smaller plain beams or joists. The staircase leading to it is very wide, in two flights, and again having a moulded string and handrails with the turned balusters." (Guidebook)   Box-pews.
Croft C17th (or early C18th.) Made up of former family pew.
Kilpeck C17th
Kings Caple Pews 1638. E C18th gallery. Organ added 1850s.
Kinsham Woodwork simple early C18th. No specific ref. to gallery or any other items in Pevsner.
Sellack C17th. "With two tapering Jacobean posts." (Pevsner)
Shobdon 1752-6.   No ref. to gallery in Pevsner.
Stoke Edith No reference in Pevsner.
Whitney C17th.  church mostly rebuilt 1740 after flood, but reused much of old material. (Pevsner)  West gallery and stair. Turned balusters. If circa 1740, very conservative.
Ashford Galleries 1616 and 1637
Brenchley Linenfold panelling on front of west gallery.
Deal, St. Leonard Gallery 1705, gift of pilots of Deal. (Pevsner "looks earlier")
Dymchurch Probably 1821 (church enlarged).
Gillingham C17th three-sided gallery.
Old Romney C18th. Complete set of C18th fittings. Gallery on four sturdy Doric columns.
Rolvenden circa 1825. "Of the decadent fittings deplored by 'The Ecclesiologist' nothing remains except the west gallery, seeming to cave in under the weight of the organ, and a family pew." (Pevsner)
Stelling Unrestored C18th.  Gallery in the aisle.
Pilling Old Church  # Church 1717. New west and north galleries installed 1812-3
Poulton-le-Fylde Church 1752-53. Galleries.
Tarleton 1719. Gallery.
Gallery circa 1740. Very handsome, with fluted pillars and in the centre of the parapet there are three scenes in inlay. (Pevsner)
Breedon-on-the-Hill West gallery probably C18th.
Kings Norton * # Church 1757-61. Early Gothic Revival. West gallery on Roman Doric columns. (Pevsner)  Box-pews.
Stapleford * # Church 1783 West gallery is family pew, complete with fireplace. Pews arranged chapel-wise.
Staunton Harrold # Church 1653. West gallery with organ. Organ case dated 1686, but organ itself is earlier.
Allington C 17th west gallery.
Burton-by-Lincoln The 18th C west gallery is a family pew with fireplace and upholstery
Kirkby Green West gallery in church which was built in 1848
Kirton-in-Holland West gallery built in 1907
Langton-by-Partney Early C18th (circa 1725.) Stands on thin fluted columns.
Langworth West gallery built 1901 and rebuilt in 1960-62
North Willingham Late 18th C west gallery.
Sausthorpe Church built 1842.  Box-pews and west gallery.
Scremby  # Church built 1733 with west gallery and box-pews.
Searby Church built 1832 with west gallery.
Sutton, St Edmund  # West gallery late 18th C.   Box-pews
Well Church built 1733.   No ref. to gallery in Pevsner.
Cranford * West gallery removed as unsafe in 1895, but not enough seats so new gallery put up 1936 for organ and choir.
Feltham, St. Dunstan's * Church 1802.  Gallery has bequests on panels and the date
Greenford Early C17th gallery.
Little Stanmore 1715-20. West gallery = Chandos family pew.
Northolt * 1703 gallery and stair with turned balusters. Date on board on back of gallery. Gallery built for musicians and servants.
Shepperton * # C19th west gallery with external stair; fold-down seats span central aisle. "Manor House Pew" in north transept, also with external stair.
Twickenham Ref in accounts to gallery in 1667.
Aylsham C17th. ". . West gallery supported on arched braces with tracery in the spandrels." (Pevsner)
Carbrooke West gallery with Royal Arms and turned balusters.
Coltishall  C17th with twisted balusters.
Downham Market C18th, handsome.
Foxley West gallery (Cautley;)    ( no ref. in Pevsner.)
Great Ellingham C18th "in two stages for choir and ringers."
Great Yarmouth 1714. Galleries
Hockering Hanoverian arms on front of gallery.
Norwich, St. George, Colegate C18th ? On Tuscan columns. 
Reepham, St. Michael C17th. Deep west gallery.
Terrington St. Clement * West screen erected 1788 to support gallery for choir and band at a cost of £13. 1840-1910 held small organ.
Walpole St. Andrew C17th. "Jacobean, simple." (Pevsner.)
Walpole St Peter * # Gallery in tower with turned balusters.
Wilby 1637 West gallery/ringing chamber within tower; turned balusters.
Worstead  1550 stone ringing gallery under tower.
Alderton West gallery incorporates Perpendicuar. bench fronts or backs
Aynho Church 1723-25.  "Fine dignified west gallery on coupled Tuscan columns."   (Pevsner)
Harlestone * Late C17th west gallery -  "Fat vertically symmetrical balusters".  (Pevsner) Gallery very narrow and set very high - possibly simply for access to ringing chamber. 
Passenham Furnishings circa 1626-8. Gallery once part of chancel screen; in 1712 referred to as "Wainscoted Partition betwixt the Chancel and Body of the Church."
Stanford Gallery with organ.
Wollaston 1737 nave and furnishings.
Elston circa 1820 chapel in field; untouched interior.
Teversal Late C17th
Tythby C18th
Berrick Salome  # 1676 on gallery. Turned balusters.  Box-pews reduced, but still with numbering on external panels.
Bessels Leigh  
Burford Chapel Chapel 1662.  Restored 1937 by W.H.Godfrey. Gallery supported on two twisted columns, their capitals carved with eagles.
Chislehampton 1762. West gallery on Tuscan columns. Box-pews and three-decker pulpit. Unspoilt and complete Georgian.
Hampton Gay ca. 1770. Barrel Organ in gallery
Little Coxwell  See Berkshire
Northmoor 1693
Rycote Chapel Early C17th with turned balusters. Box-pews and pews with canopies.  
Benthall * # Church 1667.  Gallery stair moved in 1893 to new western apse.  Box-pews.
Berwick Chapel  # Church 1672.   Box-pews.
Buildwas Nave 1720. West gallery on two posts, twisted balusters.
Eyton-upon-the-Weald-Moors # Church built 1743 with west galley.
Great Bolas Church built 1726-29.
Halston Chapel A timber-framed church.  West gallery with Georgian Royal Arms and panelled front.

"West gallery looks Jacobean . . . front of gallery has motifs of mixed odd balusters and Perp. tracery."   (Pevsner)

Hope Bagot 1726 west gallery.  No reference in Pevsner.
Leebotwood * # West gallery carried on ovolo-moulded beam (C17th); balustrade of stick balusters matches three-sided altar rail and probably dates from 1829 alterations.
Longnor * # C18th west gallery with wavy splat balusters. No ref. in Pevsner, yet extant. Outside stair to west gallery at south-west end of nave.  Box-pews.   No reference in Pevsner.
Melverley * # Balustraded west gallery. May date from 1588 (Randall); date on panelling below gallery.
Mindtown C17th.west gallery, which is the "remains of a Jacobean pew." - (Pevsner)
Minsterley Church 1689. West gallery - contemporary ?
Moreton Say 1788 church encased in brick.1634 west gallery ("one of the finest in Shropshire") with stair and organ. Painted floral designs possibly later (Cox and Harvey).
Onibury * # 1902 lattice front to gallery; C17th panelling at rear, plus old benches.
Quatt * Church rebuilt 1763; west gallery and organ date from 1950s.
St. Martin's. *  
Stokesay. # Church rebuilt 1654.  "Georgian" west gallery. Used by musicians until ca.1855.  Box-pews.
Tugford West gallery said to be partly made from former screen.
Whitchurch Church 1712. West gallery and fine stair.  Wooden galleries - (Pevsner)
Banwell The west gallery is an Elizabethan pew.
Berrow Jacobean beam now at west end of south aisle was probably the supporting beam of a minstrels' gallery that was once at the west end. "I was set upright and even, 1637. They are of the Lord accursed that in their dealings are not just." Plus initials of churchwardens. Door beneath west window gave external access to gallery.

bass viol and an hautboy.
Cameley # 1711 gallery with turned balusters.  Box-pews.
East Brent 1635 gallery. Was originally on the site of (supported by ?) the medieval rood screen. 1824 carpenter's bill: "Removing Gallery to west end...putting up the partition at the back of the Gallery and over where the old Gallery stood...A Gothic screen between the Church and Chancel measuring 169' [ft.] . . . Altering and framing part of the front of the Gallery and making framing to match with carved rails, panels etc."
Evercreech The west gallery "looks to be made up from the timbers of the old rood screen" (guide book).
Holcombe # C18th/19th. "Unrestored and atmospheric".  Box-pews.
Limpley Stoke C17th
North Petherton 1623 gallery
Rodney Stoke Gallery. 1625 screen with open balustrade.
Selworthy Gallery 1750
Sutton Mallet Rebuilt 1827 with west gallery.
Alstonefield * # circa 1635 ?  Box-pews.
Baswich circa 1740
Betley C18th (or C17th.)
Leek * "Enormous west gallery, which rises tier upon tier . . . " Balustraded front.
Madeley C17th.
Rushton Spencer * # C18th (1719 carved on bench) balustraded west gallery with internal stair.
Sandon Family pew gallery above remodelled chancel screen.
Wolverhampton, St.Peter West gallery 1610.
Aldeborough Remains of dado of screen reused in west gallery
Boxford C16th. "The moulded gallery beam and traceried front to the tower arch have frequently been suggested as part of the original rood screen but this is most unlikely as the mouldings of the beam are stopped and run out, and probably the whole gallery, including the braced beam floor, is early C16th and in situ." (Cautley)
Clare C17th gallery in south aisle.
Copdock C16th. "In the front of the western gallery are five carved panels, one armorial, one of a lady playing on a harp and one of Edwardus VI and inscribed with that title." (Cautley)
Gislingham * # C18th/19th. (Cautley and Pevsner do not mention gallery.)
Hacheston "In gallery front are four panels from rood-loft and old carved bosses. In gallery is one bench end and an old charcoal brazier, as at Barking." (Cautley). No ref. to gallery in Pevsner.
Hawkedon C17th. "This carefully restored church, in which the west gallery has wisely been retained..." (Betjeman)    (No ref. in Cautley or Pevsner.)
Ipswich, St. Clement Part of C17th gallery refixed at east end of north aisle.
Kedington * # C18th bow-fronted gallery ( or circa 1750; Betjeman) 

Pevsner - early C19th projecting in a semicircle. (No ref. in  Cautley.)

Mildenhall First floor of tower was used as minstrels' gallery. Also a gallery in the north porch, open to the church.
Nayland* Simple C18th gallery.
Thornham Parva* C18th bow-fronted gallery. (No ref. in Cautley or Pevsner) #
Withersdale C17th. (No ref. in Betjeman, Cautley or Pevsner.)
Croydon, Archbishop's Palace Laudian
Egham 1817-20. "Sweeping galleries" (Pevsner)
Ewell Built 1848, including west gallery.
Guildford, Holy Trinity Rebuilt 1749-63. Interior gutted 1888, keeping only the west gallery.
Newdigate * Old west gallery front of 1627 set up [hidden behind tables!] under the tower.
Old Woking * 1622, rough Jacobean. (Pevsner)
Petersham  # C18th north gallery, circa 1840 west and south transept galleries. Organ in south transept gallery.
Ripley * Organ placed in west gallery in 1901. Nave rebuilt 1846-8 and extended 1869.
Send * Circa 1670 west gallery with turned balusters. Originally had external access - straight joint in south wall west of porch may indicate position of doorway. 1963 fire damaged part of gallery supports and floor.
Shere * 1748 west gallery erected for the poor by public subscription of 137 subscribers at a cost of £27.18s.6d. Had outside stair, now gone.
Walton-on-Thames * C17th west and north galleries with square balusters. Heavily restored. No ref. in Pevsner.
Ashburnham  * # Church dated 1665. Documentary evidence that gallery stair given in 1649. Gallery has been altered to fit.  Box-pews, Commandments, altar rails, etc. Unspoilt Georgian and earlier.
Brightling # C18th. On Roman Doric columns. On the gallery is a Gothick barrel organ given by Mad Jack Fuller in 1810.
Chiddingly C17th. No ref. in Pevsner.  ?? Was this ever a west gallery - it is used as the ringing room.
Frant Church 1819-22. West gallery on iron columns.
Glynde Church built 1765
Kirdford * Ringers' gallery rail of turned balusters circa 1600.
Lewes, St Anne's C18th.
Ninfield C17th minstrel gallery at west end. Wavy balusters added 1923. Gallery partitioned to provide ringers' chamber for bell turret above. Lower gallery removed 1885. "A sweet surprise, high up at the west end, with flat wavy balusters, only accessible by using a ladder. It is assigned to the C17th, but the balusters are by Adrian G. Scott, 1923." (Pevsner.)
Pagham C17 or C18 gallery (Treasures of Sussex Churches)
Rodmell C17 or C18 gallery (Treasures of Sussex Churches)
Singleton C18th west gallery.
Twineham C17th. "Gallery in the tower arch; elementary." (Pevsner) It is used as a Ringing Room.
Uckfield, Holy Cross C18th. Pevsner -  1839;   three galleries.
Worth West gallery 1610, with vertically symmetrical balusters and moulded rail. Supported on two turned oak posts. Inscription on supporting beam has name of Anthony Lynton, rector, who died 15 June 1610.
Baginton Late C18th. west gallery
Berkswell  C18th south gallery.
Castle Bromwich Church dates from 1726-31, with a west galley.
Hillmorton C18th. gallery
Honiley Church 1723. West gallery on marble columns.
Idlicote No ref. in Pevsner.
Maxstoke C18th.  No ref. in Pevsner.
Nuneaton Early C18th N and S galleries survived until 1965.
Preston-on-Stour Church 1752-64, with west gallery
Stoneleigh C18th.    Early C19th. according to Pevsner.
Sutton Coldfield South gallery C18th; North gallery, a great exception, is Victorian..
Wotton Wawen C18th. Front with two columns.
Bolton Arthur Mee shows a photograph of the west gallery, but no reference to it in the text. 
Ravenstonedale * Church dates from 1738-44
Biddestone Late C18th west gallery.
Brinkworth * C18th with fine staircase.
Great Durnford * # C17th west gallery.       Pevsner - C18th, on columns.
Ham C18th (1733.) South side 1733, tower 1787.
Mildenhall # Church dates from 1815-16. West gallery, box-pews.
Old Dilton * # C18 west gallery and north schoolroom gallery.  Box-pews.
Seend Parts of west gallery now under tower, dated 1706 and 1726.
Stratford-sub-Castle * # Probably circa 1800; of the three supporting arches, two are ogee.  Entirely new stair to galley currently (2001) under construction.  Box-pews.
Woodford * Jacobean on brackets with a little stucco.
Strensham Panels of rood loft incorporated into new west gallery.
Worcester, St. Swithun's Church 1734-36.  West gallery and box-pews.
Boynton 18th C. west gallery
Coxwold * #
Fylingdales # circa 1821; north and west galleries, box-pews.
Harpham has a west gallery.
Holme-upon-Spaldingmoor Church dates from 1767; has a west gallery.

Church rebuilt 1782. Galleries on three sides. 1875 galleries lowered three feet and new staircases built. Organ and choir moved from west gallery to chancel, and pitch pine pews replaced box pews.
Midhopestones C17th or circa 1705; stair has turned balusters.
Skelton Old Church Church dates from 1785; box-pews.
Tong Church 1727, gallery 1731.
Whitby * # Cholmeley pew above chancel arch, late C17th. West gallery circa 1700, north transept gallery 1744, south transept gallery 1759, nave gallery 1764, north aisle gallery 1818.  Box-pews. Unique.


Llandewi Aberarth House called Tyglyn has a chapel with a gallery, although the other furnishings have gone.
Llansaintffraid Early C19.  Box-pews.
Pontrhydfendigaid West gallery circa 1815
Ysgubor y Coed   # Church dates from 1833, with west gallery  


Trelech,  Rock Chapel Chapel dates from 1827  Outside stair to gallery


Llanrwst, Gwydir Uchaf  Chapel  1673 (date on datestone and on gallery).  Gallery has turned balusters.  Complete furnishings, including painted ceiling.  In the care of CADW and included in guidebook for Rhug Chapel and Llangar Church (see below).


Pennard Good C17 and C18 fittings


*Corwen, Rhug Chapel Chapel dates from 1637.  West gallery with turned balusters, entire original furnishings, all painted, including roof timbers.  Timber candelabrum.  Stunning.  If you only visit one church, choose this one!  In the care of CADW, which has produced an excellent guidebook.
Corwen, Llangar Old Church # Gallery there by 1730; “The gallery is an ordinary piece of work, but very strong and large and the benches in it all good.” Box-pews. In the care of CADW, which has produced an excellent guidebook.
Llandanwg  West gallery dates from 1840s
Llangelynin, Fairbourne   Chapel dates from 1926  “Gallery loft at west end.”


Mamhilad   Gallery uses bressumer and front of rood loft.
Nash # Church dates from 1792 (?)  Box-pews.
Portskewett   Church dates from 1818


Burton   C19 bow-fronted west gallery with organ
Capel Colman  Chapel dates from 1835, with west gallery.
Fishguard, Hermon Chapel   Chapel dates from 1776, restored 1832.  Galleries on four sides.  Box-pews.
Fishguard The parish church was built in 1857, with a west gallery.
Haverfordwest, Congregational Tabernacle   Chapel dates from 1774  Three-sided gallery with cast-iron grille.
Llandewi Velfrey, Baptist Chapel   1832 on west gallery pillar.  Building may be older.
Manorbier   “C14 oak loft leading into the tower”  (Shell Guide)
Manordeifi, New Chapel   Chapel dates from 1848
Nolton  The Chapel dates from 1858, and there is a west gallery.  


Trelech, Carmarthenshire  Rock Chapel  Chapel and gallery with outside stair dates from 1827.
Tushingham, Cheshire 1689-91 West gallery with outside stair.
Barlow, Derbyshire  
Dale Abbey, Derbyshire  
Branscombe, Devon *  
Buckerell, Devon * The present west gallery was built for the organ in 1907.
Gittisham, Devon * Two external stairs into tower and south aisle lead to west gallery. Built by Sir Thomas Putt in 1701 and first used on April 20th, Good Friday.
Uffculme, Devon * An organ was erected in the west gallery in 1841, and rebuilt in a new location in 1928. The tower screen was constructed in 1931 using panels from the 17th century west gallery. The external stone stair survives at the end of the north aisle.
Dowdeswell, Glos West gallery = manor pew, north transept gallery = rectory pew, both with outside stairs, circa 1840.
North Cerney, Glos. 1828 west gallery; front marbled by Eden in 1915.
Shepperton, Middx. * Early C19 west gallery and "manor pew" in north transept both have external stairs.
Longnor, Shropshire. * Box pews dated 1723; gallery with wavy splat balusters possibly the same date. Stone stair at south west end of nave (no tower).
Cameley, Somerset Galleries of 1711 and 1819, both with wooden hat pegs, reached by an external stone stair. The 1819 gallery was "for the free use of the inhabitants." (NB the font cover was made in 1634 for £1.12s. 4d)
Chilvers Coton, Warwickshire (According to Gordon Maxwell in The Author's Thames, 1924; in George Eliot's Scenes From Clerical Life Chilvers Coton = Shepperton Church, which does have an outside stair.  Whether the real Chilvers Coton does is not known.)

Whitby, Yorkshire *
Three external stairs lead to various galleries.
Shere, Surrey May still have an external stair on north side, seen in a photograph - Has this church still an external stair??


Ashbourne, Derbyshire 1838 recorded that viaduct of brickwork led through window to gallery on north side of nave. Demolished soon after.
Tissington, Derbyshire  
Sidbury, Devon 1670 datestone on outer wall possibly refers to an outside stair for the gallery.
Totnes, Devon A gallery added in the C19th was reached by steps in a small turret outside the north door.
Iron Acton, Gloucestershire Galleries of 1711 and 1823 were removed in 1878/9. The north gallery was "approached by an appalling excrescence of a staircase on the north elevation".
St. John's, Winchester, Hants Blocked door for external stair to gallery.
Berrow, Somerset Has a beam from the west gallery of 1637, which had external access via a door beneath the west window and was removed in 1885. (NB 1631 prayer desk; pulpit had 1621 on original base, replaced in 1885.)
Freshford, Somerset North gallery erected in 1738 due to lack of seating; had external stair. Removed 1910.
Dunsfold, Surrey Had outside stair to west gallery; disturbed stonework marks position of door in south wall.
Send, Surrey West gallery c1670 probably had external access; straight joint marks blocked door.
Shere, Surrey The west gallery was erected in 1748 by public subscription at a cost of £27.18s.6d. There were 137 subscribers, and it was built for the use of the poor of the parish. A musicians' gallery was built along the north wall, and this too had an outside stair - there is a blocked door in the north wall. This gallery was removed in 1861 when a barrel organ was bought; the west gallery remains.
Fletching, Sussex Wilson family gallery in south transept; old photo shows external flight of stone steps leading to doorway in west wall. (Sheffield family gallery in north aisle.)
Rottingdean, Sussex 1856 restoration removed "unsightly wooden gallery, erected in 1818 along the north wall of the nave, together with its outside staircase and doorway.."


Harrold Old west galleries removed 1904/5. New west gallery and organ.
Abingdon, St. Helen's The 1727 organ originally stood in a west gallery, but was moved in the C19th.  No reference in Pevsner.  ?Where does reference come from?
Long Crendon West and south galleries removed 1889.
Olney Had galleries at west end and in north aisle. West gallery removed before 1873 restoration.
Turville Had Jacobean west gallery, removed 1901. Newels and finials reset on pews and rails used as altar rails.
Wraysbury Was a gallery to accommodate a choir of ten and a small organ, given and blessed in 1839 by Bishop of Lincoln. Gallery and organ taken away in 1862 restoration.
Cambridge, St. Bene't's Late C18th west gallery with organ, shown in watercolour of circa 1800. Writer in Illustrated London News in 1857 called it "an ugly organ loft". 1830s vestry archives include "Duties and Emoluments of the Sexton", which include "To keep order in the Church and Gallerys, and attend to the opening of the Pews." Organ loft removed 1860s. In the later C19 the "delightfully soft little organ" gave way to a harmonium. But this was merely a temporary measure. An organ was essential in the climate of the 1870s and an appeal stated that several ladies had undertaken to collect subscriptions, "feeling confident that the Parishioners and their friends will be glad to contribute liberally towards this important means of producing heartiness in the Choral portions of the service". As a result, a second hand Elliott organ was purchased, and in the 1890s the patrons agreed to the use of their seats in the chancel by a "competent surpliced choir". (Guide Book)
Wisbech C18th had galleries on north, south and west sides. Second upper gallery on south side. Removed 1857.
Lower Peover C17th west gallery pulled down 1852.
Blisland West gallery built about 1780; payments recorded between 1782 and 1803.
Liskeard Church restored and refitted 1793. West gallery for band of violins, cellos, flutes, clarinets, bassoons and "scorpions" [?] Replaced by an organ in 1844. Gallery removed 1927.
Perranzabuloe "In the year 1873, when the interiors of many Cornish churches were being greatly changed and, in several cases, the character of the old churches completely lost in the name of "restoration", the Church of St. Piran was reseated and the chancel raised. Prior to this date there was a gallery at the back of the church, just inside the large oak door, and the Choir sat in the gallery. One of the oldest inhabitants of Perranporth can remember a string band under the direction of the choirmaster, Mr. Wm. Hodge, supplying the music for the services." (Church guide book - undated but fairly ancient.)
St. Winnow Painting of c.1850 shows interior "cluttered up with family pews, clerk's seat and singers' seats".
Abbey Holm, also Abbey Town The west gallery, erected in 1730 by local carpenters, was removed in about 1850, as were the box-pews. 
Hawkshead In 1711 Joseph Keen was paid £2 2s for "workmanship in Church" - he was employed for about seven weeks. References to a shaped beam and 18 joists were probably for a west gallery. The 1721 accounts include 1s for "Jamers [hinges] and hanglock at stairs head", presumably gallery stairs. In 1794-5 new pews included at the west end one for churchwardens and three for the psalm-singers. An organ was bought in 1828, then replaced later in the C19th. The restoration of 1875-6 removed both organ and gallery. The church has a pitch-pipe dated 1764, which was made by Isaac Holme, a local joiner, who died in 1789 aged 53. He was paid 7s 6d for the pipe, which has ten notes from C to E and was used until 1828 to give the keynote for the psalms
Kirkby Lonsdale  -  Westmoreland Had organ in west gallery until 1866.
Ashbourne "Great Organ" installed 1710. Mid C18th a number of galleries built around nave, south aisle and transepts. 1838 new curate recorded eleven flights of steps to different lofts or galleries. On the north side of the nave was "the sixpenny gallery", sixpence being the quarterly rent to sit there. This gallery approached through what is now Beard memorial window, with a viaduct of brickwork built onto the outside and the window mullions forming the door frame. Restoration demolished lofts, which led to shortage of seating. New seating installed for 1,400, of which 400 to be free. New vicar 1850 believed church should be free for all. Led to various disputes and meetings.
Ashford-in-the-Water Gallery removed 1870.
Eyam C18th had three galleries, removed C19th.
Hope Has a psalm board dated 1806 with a picture of David and his harp.
Stoney Middleton Oct. nave 1759, had W gallery, removed 1861.
Taddington Singing gallery put up and taken down in C19th.
Tissington Also has what looks like an early (early C18th?) psalm board with a picture of a harp.
Wirksworth New galleries and box pews built 1820-22; removed 1870-4
Youlgreave 1746 accounts record that "a loft for singers" was erected at the west end; removed in 1870 restoration.
Colyton Galleries used to stand along both nave aisles; taken down 1897.
Crediton In 1723 there were galleries at the west end and in the transepts. Organ installed in west gallery in 1822; removed 1887-9.
East Budleigh In 1810 a barrel organ was installed to augment a consort of bass viol, oboe, clarinet and flute which accompanied the choir. Replaced by organ in 1850.
Loxbeare C17th. "Jacobean; fragments reused in the chancel seats." (Pevsner) i.e. no longer there ?
Ottery St. Mary  Organ was in west gallery; moved 1849.
"The nave was soon disfigured with a gallery on the south side . . . three more galleries were erected in the transepts.". (Guidebook)
Implies late C16/early C17. Also has medieval stone minstrels' gallery above entrance to Lady Chapel
Payhembury Had west gallery until 1897 restoration.
Rockbeare Screen made from Jacobean gallery.
Salcombe Regis Once had C17/18 musicians' gallery.
Talaton Had west gallery until 1860 restoration.
1776 Joseph Charles for a new bass viol, £2 12s 6d,
two new hautboys £1 10s
two new flutes 18s
  a bassoon, £2 12s.
  for the expense of strings and reeds for the instruments £1 1s,
1786 for singing books 10s
1824 the singers were paid their annual salary £2 2s.
As late as 1857 the churchwardens tried to stop the practice of the congregation turning to the west for the singing of hymns and psalms, but with little success.
Woodbury 1740 panelling is part of west gallery, removed in 1893.
Bradford Abbas Gallery removed 1865
Burton Bradstock West gallery extended in C19th and north gallery added. Removed 1897.
Burton Weston "Six 17th C painted panels were formerly on gallery" - (Little Guide.)
Charminster C18th gallery removed 1897
Bobbingworth aka Bovinger Chancel built in 14th C. onto a 13th C. nave. The nave was rebuilt in brick in 1680, and the chancel was replaced in 1840.  A west gallery was erected in the nave in 1770, but was removed in 1931-32 during repairs to the roof and the south wall. 
Chipping Ongar The chancel and nave date from the 11th C.  Original date of west gallery not recorded, but it was certainly in being in 1752-53 when other work was done.  West gallery rebuilt in 1860. 1896 new organ positioned on gallery and choir moved to chancel. 
High Ongar The west gallery was constructed in 1858.  The organ now in the centre of the gallery was purchased in 1871
Stondon Massey In 1873 the west gallery was deemed "unsightly" and was demolished; the barrel-organ was replaced by a harmonium.
Saffron Walden Gallery for Audley End family erected circa 1660 in place of rood loft, and gallery in north aisle in 1790. Removed 1860. 
Theydon Garnon  From 1744 was a "singers gallery" in the north aisle; removed 1863.
Theydon Mount 1837 west gallery erected for the use of Hill Hall servants and musicians. Removed 1929 as in danger of collapsing
Almondsbury "The singing gallery at the west end, originally erected in 1785 of Dutch oak with four fluted pillars, was removed in 1889, and some of the timber was reused to make the present inner porch."
Avening North and west galleries removed in 1902. 
Awre  "In the parish Register dated 1579 is written 'Let it be remembered for the honour of this parish of Awre that from it first sounded out the Psalms of David in English Meter.' These metrical psalms were the work of Thomas Sternhold and John Hopkins…their version of the Psalms first appeared in metric verse without music in 1549, but by 1556 the musical version was on the market and in the introduction to most psalters from this period onwards were instructions on how to sing. This was the vocalist's primers and was the only authorised Church of England metrical psalter until about 1700. All traces of John Hopkins' birthplace on the banks of the Severn at Awre were washed away by the tide long ago…The home of Thomas Sternhold still stands, now called the Hawfield, a private residence near Blakeney. One of the rooms has always been known as the psalm room." 
Didmarton  Evidence for former west gallery remains in the form of rows of coat pegs high on the walls at the west end, as well as traces of the former door in the south wall. More coat pegs remain in the north transept, where there was another gallery.
Eastington Gallery for the Clutterbucks of Millend and Nastend was built under the tower in 1760.
Great Witcombe Tower rebuilt 1750-2; west gallery possibly added at same time. Removed 1889.
Lechlade-on-Thames Had organ in west gallery.
Newland Had musicians' gallery in tower.
Somerford Keynes 1708 new tower; squire added west gallery. 1815 small organ given and put in gallery. Gallery removed 1874.
Stone West gallery removed 1883.
Wickwar Gallery removed 1880/1
Withington 1872 "Gallery seats and wall lining were entirely cleared out" (Architect's report). Info. from grandson of old sexton, who had lived early C19th; choir and orchestra replaced by barrel organ and then by present organ.

One gallery in 1702, lots by 1838. Singing gallery at west end, two or three galleries at east end including one directly over the high altar, and galleries over the whole of the south side, each with their own stair. 1810 two new galleries built in the chancel and the old one repaired. 1814/15 new gallery and seats. 1824 another new gallery costing £150 at the east end. At the same time it was decided that "the present singing gallery be raised, and an additional seat be made in front." 1829 obtained barrel organ. 1862 plan to remove galleries and add north aisle and west gallery. Guide book has photo of eastern gallery.
Bishop's Sutton Gallery removed 1893
Boldre (Guide book, 1950) "Formerly there was a gallery over the Western door, which blocked the west window. In it was installed a Barrel Organ which played three tunes, the "Old Hundredth", another hymn and a psalm. The organ was assisted by a flute player, and according to one story by a band of instrumentalists and singers. There was also another Gallery in the North Aisle called the "Servants' Gallery", which was removed at the Restoration of 1855…..The bassoon belonging to the old church band has been restored to the Church. It rests near the organ, in the doorway niche of the old rood screen."
Bonchurch, IOW Had two galleries in 1847.
East Meon Galleries removed 1869/70
St. Mary Bourne Organ originally in west gallery; moved in 1910.
Bosbury West gallery installed and removed in C19th. 
Vowchurch  West gallery removed mid C19th.
Barley 1870 restoration removed south and west galleries.
St. Alban's, St. Michael 1865 Sir Gilbert Scott carried out restoration. Must have had "rather a fine" west gallery; fragments preserved. It was supported on Corinthian columns which had come from the chapel at Gorhambury; perhaps whole gallery front came from there.
Tring Musicians' gallery at west end until 1861. From 1827 it contained an organ, whose installation caused mutiny among the singers which was resolved by the Incumbent refusing to preach if there was no singing. Two singers' pews under gallery on either side of tower arch; in 1722 these were assigned to the churchwardens so they could keep an eye on the congregation. Rebuilt in same style in 1862 restoration; still remain.


Brookland Wooden blocks remain at west end that supported pillars of gallery - perhaps built in 1740 when box pews added. Removed 1880.
Chiddingstone In 1720 a carpenter called Chapman received £19 18s for building a west gallery.
Goudhurst 1770 west gallery built for singers and instrumentalists. Flute, serpent and violoncellos mentioned in C19th accounts. Later a "finger organ" was installed in the gallery. Present organ built in 1854 - date of removal of gallery?
Lenham West gallery removed mid C19th.
Pluckley Autobiography of Rev. Ashton Oxenden, Rector 1848-69. "The condition of the church fabric greatly perplexed me. It was extremely well kept, and so profusely painted and varnished that you could almost see your face reflected as you walked up the aisle - and yet the pews were so high and so ill assorted - and the reading desk and pulpit so inconveniently placed, and so ungainly in appearance, with a ponderous gallery overhanging the west end, that I longed to reconstruct the whole. 

But how was the consent of the parishioners to be obtained ? To appeal to their taste would have been absurd, to their pockets equally so - the people loved their church, gallery and all. The squire too could not bear the thought of seeing the dear old building turned inside out, but he and several others most kindly yielded to the prejudices of the new rector - so we reseated the church and much improved it ! 

The choir was my next difficulty. It was by no means a bad one. There were some beautiful voices both among the men and also the boys; but it had been a gallery choir and the singing uncongregational. This I was anxious to change; but how to effect so great a change without giving offence taxed all my powers. A peaceful solution was brought about. Lady Dering presented us with a very nice organ. I induced the parishioners to present an address of thanks. They would by this unconsciously bind themselves to its use instead of retaining the various instruments to which they had been so long accustomed. By this stratagem the matter peacefully righted itself."

Sandwich, St Mary 1723 west gallery added by 44 parishioners, who occupied it for services. Removed 1873-4.
Smarden "..during the Georgian era...the interior of this church, like that of many others, was subjected to acts of vandalism induced by ignorance and prejudice. A brick chancel arch was inserted, the roof timbers were hidden by a plaster ceiling, many features were walled in and a huge gallery was built at the west end of the nave, the rest of which was filled with high box pews. Happily, however, much of this misguided work was undone in the third quarter of the 19th century..."    (Guidebook) 

Guidebook = "reproduction of the original text prepared by the late Mr. H. G. Askwith" - what date was this ?

Westerham 1704 west gallery removed 1882.
Wye South and west galleries removed 1878.
Cartmel Priory 1837 restoration removed C18th galleries
Ribchester A West gallery was built in 1736; a copy of the faculty, the accounts and the gallery all still exist.


1701 Violincello £5 - 05 - 0
1736-7 Allowed for Gallery £7 - 1 - 8
1742 Nov 22. Roger Coop for painting Two Cherubims upon two Pannalls on ye Singing Pew 5 / 0
1771 Singers on 5th Nov. 2 / 6
1773 To two Hautboys £1 - 1 - 0
1773 To mending and new Basoon £2 -17 - 0
1780 To repairing Basoon 3 / 0
1798 Joseph Walton for Reeds 3 / 0
NB 1701 is a very early instance of an instrument being recorded for use in a parish church emlm

The minstrels were disbanded in 1861 when an organ was placed in the gallery. German prisoners of war stationed nearby attended church regularly and sang carols in German from the gallery on the Sunday after Christmas, 1946.
Grantham The 1868 restoration sold off the screen, galleries, pews and pulpit.
St. James, Garlickhythe Churchwardens' accounts: 1560-1 the small organs were mended and "pricked songs" bought for the choir. 1641 gallery built. Present organ said to have been built by Father Smith in 1697. 1719 £136 paid to Mr. Knopple for work on the organ.
Talyllyn Partition between south transept and nave is Jacobean yew wood and was the original front of the west gallery, removed in 1876  (Shell Guide)
Laleham 1758 "We, the Minister, Churchwardens and Inhabitants of the Parish of make our humble petition unto all persons who are so disposed, to contribute towards erecting a gallery in the said Parish Church, it being necessary and convenient for the inhabitants as there is great want of room for attending Divine Worship." An organ was added in 1806, but in 1833 it was noted that the vestry wished the organ to be discontinued and "a set of singers should be established instead with the same pay of £5 per annum if there is a regular attendance of the majority." However, the organ was soon reinstated - perhaps the singers were not up to much! The gallery was finally removed in 1910.
Sunbury-on-Thames Church rebuilt 1752. 1813 Vestry Minutes record "the violent contention and tumult that took place last Sunday in the upper gallery of the church immediately after conclusion of Divine Service." Vestry met to consider what action to take "to prevent the recurrence of similar outrages." They recorded that "the congregation were much disturbed and shocked by the noise and violence that took place….the conduct of the two French ushers was in the highest degree improper and disgraceful and if they continue to reside in the parish the Churchwardens are directed to institute a suit in the Ecclesiastical Court against them. That under present circumstances it is highly expedient that another staircase be erected to the gallery as the most likely means to prevent the recurrence of such conduct." Church considerably altered in 1856 by S. S. Teulon; 1970 restoration retained much altered west gallery for organ and choir.
Goldcliffe EvidenceEvidence for former existence of west gallery  (Pevsner)
Grosmont Before 1879 restoration there were galleries over north and south transepts, one originally for minstrels, the other for singers. Instruments were fiddle, clarionet and cello. Village blacksmith was the clerk and his daughter led the singing. Occasionally the fiddle failed to put in an appearance, and the clerk, who took great interest in the choir and sang bass, would look up to the gallery and call to his daughter, "Now Pollie, pitch the key."
Newport, St. Woolo's Since 1819 organ had been in singing gallery over east end of nave; 1913 moved to specially constructed west gallery in north aisle.
King's Lynn, St. Mary Had organ on west gallery. 
Tilney, All Saints  West gallery removed C19th.
Stowe-Nine-Churches West gallery etc. removed 1859.
Alnwick North arcade modified in 1818 - first and third pillars removed to accommodate west gallery. Gallery removed 1863 and pillars restored. 
Warkworth  Parish included Amble, Acklington and Chevington who occupied a special gallery at the west end.
Bicester Various galleries added between mid C17th and C19th, "appropriated to the use of private owners". Removed 1862.
Thame Galleries, including singing gallery, removed in C19th. 1908 choir stalls incorporate front of Jacobean gallery removed from south aisle.
Warborough "In 1638 a west gallery was erected and the dormers inserted to light it." (Churches of the Thames Valley). Implies gallery no longer there - no ref. in Pevsner.
Backwell Had wooden gallery over the south door.
Barrington West gallery removed 1860 (along with communion table, rails, pulpit, reading desk, font, pews, chancel and transepts !)
Berrow Jacobean beam on south wall was base of a musicians' gallery taken down in 1885. Inscription reads "I was set up right and even 1637. They are of the Lord acurst that in theyr delings are not just." Door beneath west window gave musicians access to gallery from outside. Accounts record purchase in 1778 of a bass-viol and an hautboy.
Chew Magna Had singing gallery in LC14 porch.
Croscombe Organ installed in west gallery in 1837; gallery removed 1860.
Freshford North gallery built 1738 due to lack of seating; had external stair. c1800 north aisle extended eastwards, also with gallery but with internal stair. Well into C19, man paid 10s. per annum for keeping order in the gallery. 1859 west gallery "for the singers" removed. 1868 organ obtained. 1910 north galleries removed. Organ placed in gallery under west tower. 1930s organ moved and choir moved from the rear of the church and robed.
Glastonbury Before 1856 two western bays filled with a gallery with an organ. (Also removed oak pulpit and tester, oak panelled box pews, benches at the back for the poor, and pews for mayor and corporation.)
Isle Abbots Musicians' gallery removed 1874
Ilminster 1824-5 nave and aisles raised to accommodate north and south galleries as well as west gallery. 1882 removed north and south galleries and substituted a smaller one at west end (still there). Rood loft "used for musicians until 1782 at least." [?] (Guide book)
Otterhampton "Rather harsh restoration in 1894" when west gallery removed.
Taunton North gallery removed 1845. First organ installed 1709 on gallery in centre of west tower.
Wells, St. Cuthbert's Had west gallery.
West Harptree Porch room had window opening into south aisle; possibly a musicians' gallery.
Wrington Once had porch gallery. Similar ones remain at Banwell and Weston-in-Gordano. Gallery across tower arch, constructed "for the accommodation of a first and second flute, and the small boys who sing", removed 1859.
 Clifton Campville 1830 report noted west gallery for singers. 1837 report ordered that "the gallery be lowered or its position changed, so as not to intercept the window". Restorations 1866 and 1910/11.
Brent Eleigh In 1826 reference was made to a "small gallery" with a "small organ". It was taken down in the early C20th.
Debenham  In 1736 a large gallery "of deal stained red" was built at the west end to accommodate singers, musicians, and later an organ. Disappeared at hands of C19th restorers.
Abinger "Singers' Gallery" across west end removed 1857 when barrel organ replaced "a bass-viol, clarionet etc. for the band". 1946 choir restored to west end.
Chertsey Gallery pews sold to raise money to complete rebuilding 1806-9.
Cobham Full of galleries in C19th.  (Guide book p.11.) 

"June 30th, 1799 - At a meeting of the Committee appointed to regulate the Pews in the Church, it is ordered that in future all Gentlemen's Livery Men Servants shall sit in the Gallery, On the south side of the organ, that all women servants be placed in a pew on the left side next the Gallery and the two opposite ones, and also all women strangers be placed there, and in the next adjoining Pew on the left hand, that all Farmers' servants, apprentices, journeymen and boys and girls sit in the right hand Chancel, the people in the workhouse in the left hand Chancel; that Wm. Atkins  be appointed Beadle to attend the inhabitants to their Pews, and that he be provided with a coat and hat, and that each Pew have a lock fixed as soon as convenient."    (Parish records.)

Dunsfold 1892 restoration removed west gallery.
East Clandon "In 1900 the West Nave was galleried, but this was rotten, as were two of the legs holding up the bell tower." Restoration removed gallery. (Guide Book)
Farnham Organ presented in 1800 and set up on a west gallery to replace choir and instrumentalists. Smaller organ built near chancel in 1860. "Hymns Ancient and Modern" and Anglican chanting of the psalms in place of the metrical version introduced in 1870s. 
Godalming  1819 organ placed in west gallery; removed to nave in 1879. C18th galleries; faculty 1716 for gallery in north aisle, to be paid for by subscription. Outer walls of aisles raised to accommodate galleries, and two dormer windows inserted on north side and two square-headed windows in west wall of nave to compensate for light cut off by galleries. 1764 will refers to "my seats in the singing gallery I give to my daughter, Sarah Rose." 1828 drawings show north, south and west galleries. 1840 restoration added galleries for children in transepts. 1879 restoration to be carried out "in consequence of the present inconvenient and unsightly condition" caused by "the existence of large galleries over the nave aisles and west end of the nave." Comment of 1869 about "terrible galleries" and the floors "so blocked up with pews that a stranger naturally concludes that the parishioners must all be thin for no unusually stout person could pass down the narrow passages."
Guildford St. Mary  West gallery added 1709. Removed 1863.
Kingston-upon-Thames In C17th and C18th two west galleries installed, the lower one carrying the organ which was placed there in 1703. Also two galleries in south aisle; two more added in north aisle by 1852. All removed mid C19th.
Leatherhead In the C18th and early C19th north and south galleries were installed, and two galleries in the tower.
Mickleham Gallery removed 1891.
Richmond 1683 gallery built in south aisle. 1750 nave and aisle rebuilt. New north gallery. 1864-6 galleries rebuilt. Side galleries removed 1903, west gallery 1935-6.
Thorpe Twisted baluster altar rails formerly fronted an old singing gallery at the west end. Moved to present position after 1907.
Thursley C18 print shows north and west galleries. North gallery removed 1860, west gallery removed 1884.
Alfriston West gallery removed 1887. Organ installed 1859, replacing violin, five bassoons and clarinet. New gallery at west end over internal porch, "sung in" by Sussex Harmony to open it in 1997.
Arlington In very poor state and restored sometime between 1889 and 1918. Gallery under tower, "from which the old men who led the service were forced to retire in bad weather" taken down and bell chamber removed.
Ashurst Gallery still there in 1877 photo - extensive restoration in that year
Bosham West gallery removed mid C19th.
Burpham Blocked door from tower stair led to former west gallery.
Eastbourne, St Mary West gallery removed 1854 and new large organ placed under the tower.
Fletching Sheffield family gallery in north aisle, Wilson family gallery in south transept, with external stair.
Hastings Gallery in south aisle removed 1870.
Lurgashall Band provided music until 1843 when west gallery removed.
Rottingdean 1856 restoration removed "unsightly wooden gallery, erected in 1818 along the north wall of the nave, together with its outside staircase.."
Rye "Poor man's gallery" erected on south side in late C16. End C18 west gallery built for choir and musicians. Housed barrel organ, then pipe organ. 1811 "tradesmen's gallery" erected on north side. Galleries all removed in 1882.
West Chiltington C17 west and south galleries removed 1880.
West Tarring Musicians' Gallery at west end removed 1854. In the early C19th an orchestra replaced the C18th organ and there was a west gallery, but new organs were installed in 1854 and 1863. A note at the time said "Vicissitudes occurred in the musical portion of the services . . . after the removal of the old 18th century organ, the parishioners from time to time forming bands to supply its place. The orchestra formed in the early part of the last century, consisting of base-viols, bassoons, hautbois, and flutes, was not spoken of very in very flattering terms by . . . the then old inhabitants...although it appears to have given satisfaction to the performers themselves; as on one occasion when Henry Pelling . . . was conductor, he, at the end of an anthem, struck his baton sharply on some part of the gallery, and shouted out 'Well done, my lads.'  This body was eventually broken up, and there was not any instrumental music in the church for several years.  Early in the 'thirties, James Newman . . . formed a band consisting of himself as leader, clarionet; Thomas Binstead, base viol; Charles Bushby, trombone; Charles Chipper, bassoon; Thomas Chipper, bassoon; George Chipper, clarionet, and James Chipper, clarionet. This orchestra of farm labourers, wearing pure white smock-frocks, together with the choristers, then called the Psalm singers, who sang the Psalms of David as at the end of the Book of Common Prayer, sat in the gallery, and continued in existence down to within a few years of the restoration of the Church; when this was completed in 1854, an organ was purchased and placed in the tower, a choir formed . . . we sat in the tower, men, women, boys and girls. all singing in unison. . . . The organist being away on holiday, and having to sing without musical accompaniment, we thought it a good opportunity to try, at least, one hymn in four parts; the 'Old Hundredth' was selected for the first, and to be sung when the Vicar went into the vestry to change his surplice for his gown, in which to preach the sermon, as was the custom in those days. I was to blow the key note with a 'pitch pipe'; this I did, and all took up and sustained their parts well. The congregation turned round and faced us, en masse. The Vicar came out of the vestry looking with astonishment, and as black (metaphorically) as the gown he had just put on, and immediately dispatched his clerk with a message for our lead, Henry Overington, to attend in the vestry at the close of the service. Seeing that the Vicar was displeased with the innovation, the hymn at the end of the service was, of course, sung in the usual way. Our leader, as desired, went into the vestry, and the rest of the choir awaited the verdict. On his return, he stated that the Vicar asked him what we were singing, our leader said 'I told him we were singing the "Old Hundredth" in four parts, and I thought it went very well'; the Vicar replied, 'I don't profess to know much about music, it might have gone very well, but don't do it again.' Little clusters gathered together on their way home after the service that day, discussing the merits and demerits of the singing. One old man was heard to say to another, 'What was the matter with the singers today then?' the other replied, 'I dun know, some was singen one toon and some was singen another, and Edward Sayers was gwain to play some sort of insterment, but he broke down fust noat.' So we continued in unison with our singing, as well as with our Vicar, a few years longer. Harmony, however, gradually crept in; the organ of 1854 gave way to a more modern instrument placed in the chancel, where the choir now sit, and the musical portion of the service may be considered in unison, as well as in harmony, with the times."
Nuneaton Early C18th galleries removed 1965.
Appleby Organ given by Dean Smith of Carlisle Cathedral in 1683. Set up on a classical singers' gallery in 1722. Parts of organ casing survive from 1542-7, some reused on corporation pews.
Kirkby Lonsdale Had organ in west gallery until 1866.
Little Somerford "By the kneeler of the third pew from the back on the north side is the sawn-off post that supported the west gallery. This was removed c.1900 but the nails used as hat pegs and coat hooks remain in the roof beam nearest the west wall." Chancel stall fronts and reredos carved in Jacobean style on timber salvaged from west gallery. (Guide book) 
Mere  Galleries were removed in 1855.
Sherrington "A platform, similar to that on which the organ now stands at the west end, accommodated the Church Orchestra before there was an organ, the cornet being at one time played by a member of the Imber family, the oldest family remaining in the village. A music-stand, or a light-holder, was probably fixed in the largish hole in the back of a rear pew. But most of the pews have similar holes, perhaps for candle-sconces." (Guide book)
Urchfont West gallery removed 1864.
Whiteparish A watercolour of the church in 1869 shows the church before "restoration". The pulpit, west gallery, hatchments, Royal Coat of Arms, and box-pews of differing heights which the painting shows, were all removed.


Old Filey  

Described by Charlotte Bronte: “It is not more than three times the length of the parsonage, floored with brick, the walls green with mould, the pews painted white, but the paint is almost worn off.  At one end is a little gallery for the singers, and when they stood up they all turned their backs to the parson.  It was so ludicrous I could hardly help laughing.”  (Arthur Mee)


Talyllyn Partition between south transept and nave is Jacobean yew wood and was the original front of the west gallery, removed in 1876   (Shell Guide)



Evidence for former existence of west gallery.       (Pevsner)

Grosmont Before 1879 restoration there were galleries over north and south transepts, one originally for minstrels, the other for singers.  Instruments were fiddle, clarionet and cello.  Village blacksmith was the clerk and his daughter led the singing.  Occasionally the fiddle failed to put in an appearance, and the clerk, who took great interest in the choir and sang bass, would look up to the gallery and call to his daughter, “Now Pollie, pitch the key.”
Newport, St.Woolo's    Since 1819 organ had been in singing gallery over east end of nave; 1913 moved to specially constructed west gallery in north aisle.


Besselsleigh, Berks, now Oxon. 17th/18th C.   No reference in Pevsner.
Chicheley, Bucks C18th; pews raised at west end
Trumpington, Cambs

Modern (ie after 1950) pews; choir pews with book rests at west end.

Matterdale, Cumberland The font “stands in an old square singing seat.”  (Arthur Mee)
Parracombe, Devon # Minstrels' gallery at west end - raised pews rather than gallery proper. Piece of board cut out for bow of bass viol.
Little Washbourne, Glos. Pews raised at west end.
Badlesmere, Kent # C18th. Pews raised at west end.
Rotherfield, Kent C19th box pews, tiered at west end. (guide book)
Ashby St Ledgers, Northants Musicians' pew at west end.
Yerbeston, Pembrokeshire Early 18C interior with raised west end and box pews.
Langley Chapel, Shropshire circa 1601. Musicians' pew.
Shelland, Suffolk circa 1767. Organ in raised "pew" at west end, with raised musicians' pews on either side.



Other Literary References


Extract from English Church Furniture, Cox and Harvey (1907)

"Among the exceptionally good galleries, whose comparative recent loss we have to deplore, may be mentioned the one at Ightham, Kent, erected by Sir William Selby in 1619, and the much later but elaborate one at Upton Magna, Salop., dated 1666."


Extracts from Screens and Galleries, Francis Bond (1908)

"Nowadays they are becoming rare; one may venture to express a hope that not every galleried church may lose the evidence of so interesting a chapter in the long history of the English church."

"Great numbers of such western galleries existed till they were destroyed by people with no respect for the continuity of the life history of the church of England. In these western galleries the villagers did willing and active service to their church."

"There is a fine western gallery at Bishops Cleeve, Glos. (1640), which the authorities were only stopped from destroying recently by the strong remonstrances of their architect, Mr. H. A. Prothero."

"Whole array of instruments may still be seen, alas, disused, in some galleries in the west of England, where music lingered long, e.g. at Portishead."

"It will surprise many to learn how recently Dorset church bands were to be heard. That at Winterborne Abbas did not disappear till 1881; the last band disappeared in 1895."


Modern west galleries

Millom, Cumberland

South Benfleet, Essex.
(Church Furnishing and Decoration; Gerald Randall, 1980)

Sunbury-on-Thames, Middx.
Rebuilt 1970 using wrought iron balustrade from 1856 galleries. Organ and choir in gallery.

Alfriston, East Sussex
Constructed over entrance porch to west door and is used on occasions by visiting quires.


Extracts from: Building News, Vol. VI, 1860.

Lyddington Church, Rutland (Oct 12,p.789)
"An unsightly singing gallery is erected against the tower arch . . . "
"The pews are high, and enclosed. having been introduced before modern church restorations were commenced."
(Pews and gallery no longer exist.)

Seaton Church, Rutland (Aug 24,p.660)
"The Early English tower arch is blocked by that objectionable innovation, a singing gallery."
(No ref. in Pevsner to a gallery)

Ridlington Church, Rutland (p.693)
Almost derelict. "Unsightly gallery" at west end, late C18 desk and pulpit, seating "made up of odds and ends", everything covered with whitewash half an inch thick.
(Pevsner - "severely restored" by Halliday in 1858.)

Manton Church, Rutland (p.681)
Almsbox T.B.1637. Singing gallery.
(Pevsner - "low, homely, lovable". No ref. to gallery.)

Caldecot Church, Rutland (Sept 21,p.732)
"Against the chancel arch is a singing gallery, which will of course disappear when the parishioners set about making their church more comfortable for the worshippers."
(Pevsner - no ref. to gallery.)

Upper Sapey Church, Herefordshire (p.750)
"The interior fittings were of the usual unsightly description ..such as high pews, gallery, etc." The church was being reopened following restoration. They kept the Jacobean pulpit.
(Pevsner - pulpit and other woodwork carved by John Kitchen ...c.1860 onwards. Some panels...supposed to be genuine.)

Ashby Magna Church, Leics. (p.772)
"the detestable whitewash having been scraped off, and the original stonework exposed to view."

Houghton-on-the-Hill, Leics. (Nov.16,p.885)
Restoration completed. "The gallery at the west end has been entirely removed, the walls have been stripped of the whitewash, and replastered; the floor, which formerly consisted of old stones, has been relaid with Newcastle tiles, and the old fashioned pews replaced with stained deal seats...and an entirely new stained roof put up in the nave." There was a new oak pulpit, lectern and reading desk.

Weston Church, Herefordshire.
West gallery.

Rudford Church, Gloucestershire.
West gallery.

Mordiford Church, Herefordshire. (p.889)
Octagonal font 1663 "does not appear to have ever possessed much beauty."
(No ref. to it in Pevsner.)


Extract from The Builder, 1865

Heston Church, Middx. (Jan 28, p.67)
"Notwithstanding all that was said on the subject, we learn, and with much regret, that the demolition of this ancient church will, in all probability, be begun in a fortnight's time. It only awaits the receipt of a faculty from the bishop, and it is said there is small hope of its refusal. Considerable desire for the preservation of the sacred edifice is expressed in the neighbour-hood by many persons of position, besides which, the local press has been active against the apparently uncalled-for destruction of a relic of antiquity."





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