St Mary and All Saints

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As Pevsner states . . ." a simple aisleless church . . ."  
The nave of the church was built in the 12th century, 
with the chancel being added in the 13th.

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The west gallery was constructed in 1704-05 and was paid for by an undisclosed benefactor.  An upper tier was added in 1820.

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Two views of the interior of the ?lower gallery.  Note the folding seat in the corner of the front pew. (2 & 3)

According to Pevsner, the church is ". . . of quite exceptional charm and historical range . . . "    Wall paintings dating from ca. 1400 have been uncovered on the walls of the church. 

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Information and photograph ( 2002) kindly supplied by Peter Goodwin
and the exterior photograph by Ian Dunbar and Sam Maddin 2003

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