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During the reign of Queen Victoria many of the interiors of our Parish Churches were transformed from their 'traditional' pre-nineteenth century appearances into what we see today. As a result, much of what we now treasure as our 'Heritage' was swept away. In the same way as the music we think of as West Gallery Music, or Rural Georgian Psalmody, continued in the Independent chapels for a long while after the Oxford Movement introduced Hymns Ancient & Modern in 1861, many Independent chapels were spared the zeal of the Victorian reformers, and many glorious examples still exist of the interiors as they were originally built.

This site is dedicated to recording what remains of that period in the lifetime of Church and Chapel. Here you will find a growing number of churches with galleries, two and three-decker pulpits, testers, box pews, private pews and other features, together with pictures of the churches and chapels themselves, and, where known, descriptions and researched notes as to the quires and music known to have been sung there.

For the sake of convenience, it has been necessary to use the old original administrative Counties within the United Kingdom, before the Boundaries Commission got their hands on them, into which Boroughs and Cities have also been added. These definitions of area are fairly commonplace when consulting books about ecclesiastical architecture, and a map showing these Counties is available by linking here.

As time permits, overseas churches will be added where this influence has survived.

We are especially indebted to a number of Books of Reference, set out in the Bibliography.  

The Links page sets out a number of links to related web pages.

You will also find cross-references, where applicable, to Dove's Guide of ringable peals of bells.


This is an ongoing project, and pictures and text will be added to the site as time and availability of suitable material permit. This can only be achieved with your help, with your pictures and historical information provided by you.

All pictures and text will be credited to the photographer or author concerned, and will remain their copyright.


Where photographs are not available, picture postcards and line drawings can be used, but first please ensure that the owner's and /or author's consents have been obtained in writing.

Historical photographs and records are also very welcome, especially relating to the services, quire and congregation, music and instruments, etc. in any particular church or chapel. A separate section of the site will be established for records about churches and chapels where features of the period are known to have existed, but where there is now no, or little, visible evidence.



The photographs used on this site may be copied and used for private or non-commercial purposes only, but individual copyright details may not be removed.

If you wish to use a photograph on your own personal website or homepage or for purposes of research, you may do so, but only after obtaining the written consent of the owner.

If you would like to discuss commercial use, please contact the owner of the material, using the email address on the contributors' page or by contacting the webmasters where an email address is not stated.

Some email addresses have been protected against improper use, and the "-at-" or "- @ -" requires replacing with "@".

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