St Margaret's Church

The nave of the church was built in the mid-12th century, with the chancel being added in the 14th century.

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The west gallery was constructed in 1817 at the same time as other work was being carried out.  The church suffered bomb damage in 1944, following which restoration work was carried out in 1948 - 52.  At that time the west gallery was not removed, but it was converted to a parish room by the addition of a partition wall immediately inside the balusters at the front.  It is therefore not  available for use as a gallery.

Information received from John Vigar - 2004 - that the partitioning is not now in place. Pictures 1 and 3 very kindly supplied by him.

"Bits of tracery [from screen] have been re-used in the west gallery"   (Pevsner)


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Information and photograph ( 2002) kindly supplied by Peter Goodwin

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