St Anne's Church


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Lewes_StAnne2.JPG (46215 bytes)
The church tower looking down the top of Lewes High Street.


Lewes_StAnne3.JPG (34166 bytes) Lewes_StAnne5.JPG (29612 bytes)
The church from the north-west.
Looking up the High Street at the west end, from outside the Pelham Inn.


Lewes_StAnne4.JPG (54800 bytes)
The north porch


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The small gallery at the west end of the church, once much larger, which supports the Royal Coat of Arms of George IV.

The pulpit is Jacobean.





Map reference :
The church is adjacent the High Street at the top of the town, and is usually open during daylight hours. 



Photographs: © Edwin Macadam



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