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Churches which still retain west gallery features or connections

Blidworth, St Mary of the Purification The church is said to have a Georgian pulpit, but no further details are known.
Elston Chapel, Dedication unknown A chapel in a field, entirely un-restored, 12th and 14th C. The interior is ca. 1820, with a west gallery of that date.
Papplewick, St James "The County's best example of Georgian Gothick. It lies in a wood half a mile from the village, at the end of a lane, guarded by two sets of gates. Tower 14th C., but the rest is 1795. The porch is as high as the nave. Inside there is a plastered ceiling. A gallery, with fireplace, extends over the north side of the nave, and gives a cramped, but cosy, effect. Period features include the pulpit, the Royal Arms at the west end, . . . Lighting [in 1985] is by candles only - ideally they should be in silver sconces; actually they are in wrought-iron undulations down the underside of the gallery - a very 20th C. 'arty-crafty' touch." (CEPC)
Strelley, All Saints The church contains a Jacobean pulpit with tester. No further details known.
Teversal, St Katherine 12th and 13th C. church restored in 17th and 18th C., when its interior was refurbished. The west gallery has a "modest" organ, - solid, traditional, Anglican furnishing. The pulpit is low, for there were never side galleries, and the box-pews have seating strips of red baize. The Molyneux pew in the south aisle is roofed, and has barley-sugar columns; four red velvet cushions, emblazoned with a cross molin on a blue shield, are provided for the noble family; a 1784 Prayer Book and an 1822 Bible are covered in similar style. . . . In the choir are miniature three-a-side box-pews . . . there is a feeling of deep peace . . .(CEPC)
Tythby, Dedication not known The church has an 18th C. west gallery.
West Stockwith, The Blessed Virgin Mary The church was built in 1722, in classical style in brick. Nothing is known of its furnishings . . .  Chapel of Ease to Miserton.

Churches which are known to have had west gallery features or connections

Basford, St Leodegarius In 1818/19 repairs were undertaken and a gallery installed in the south aisle and across the west end. Edward Staveley, a prominent Nottingham architect, surveyed the church and estimated the cost of new box pews, pulpit, reading desk, clerk's desk, gallery, raising the floor and repairing walls to be 850. Gallery removed 1860s.
Lowdham, St Mary  Used to have a west gallery across the end of the nave and both aisles, the holes for the joists quite clearly visible.
Nottingham, St Leodegarious, Basford SK 553427.  In 1818/19 repairs were undertaken and a gallery installed in the south aisle and across the west end. In 1860 the church was re-opened after drastic alterations.  Besides the tower the flat roofs had been raised to a steeper pitch, there was a new north aisle, north porch, organ chamber and clerestory, and the west end of the nave and the south aisle had been re-built. Galleries were removed and the box pews replaced by open benches, some of which are still at the back of the nave.

Asterisks denote churches in preparation

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