St James


The south side of St James's Church, Papplewick, Notts.
"The County's best example of Georgian Gothic. It lies in a wood half a mile from the village, at the end of a lane, guarded by two sets of gates. Tower 14th C., but the rest is 1795. The porch is as high as the nave.  Inside there is a plastered ceiling. 

A gallery, with fireplace, extends over the north side of the nave, and gives a cramped, but cosy, effect. Period features include the pulpit, the Royal Arms at the west end, . . . 

Lighting [in 1985] is by candles only - ideally they should be in silver sconces; actually they are in wrought-iron undulations down the underside of the gallery - a very 20th Century. 'arty-crafty' touch."


Details of the interior are requested . . . 

The chancel exterior from the south-east.

Dove's reference for the bells:

Papplewick, Notts, S James, 5, 6-1-7 in B flat. 


Map reference : SK546515

Photographs:  ©  Heather Faulkes,  2002 

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