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  Phil Draper has an extensive and ever-growing site of pictures of churches he has visited, has boundless enthusiasm for the subject, runs a separate site about the churches of Bristol, and mediates the Church Crawling and Church Pictures mailing lists. I quote below a couple of paragraphs from the front page of the Church Crawling web site:

"The intention of this website is to share news and information about churches, and to feature the less-well-known churches that do not appear on the tourist trails of the world. I will feature visits I have made to churches both in the UK where I live and from trips abroad. I welcome information about similar sites on the web that you may have found.

"I have built up a database of Churches in England, and now Wales too, and I am especially interested in news of churches being altered or rebuilt, churches under threat of demolition, or new churches (Anglican or RC). I would use much of this information to write a regular "news" page for the Ecclesiological Society."

Link to Phil's site by clicking on the  Church Crawler icon immediately above. The Bristol Churches site can be entered from his front page. I am fortunate to have been able to use many of his photographs where our interests overlap.



  Heather photographs churches in Nottinghamshire, and tends to concentrate on exterior photographs, so that fellow genealogists and family historians can have a photograph of the places their ancestors were baptised, married and buried.  She runs two web sites:

Nottinghamshire Churches at


Ashfield History & Genealogy pages





  (Mr) R. A. King
Assistant Registrar
Research and Innovation Services
University of Newcastle
1 Park Terrace
Newcastle upon Tyne  NE1 7RU
United Kingdom

Telephone: (0044) (0191) 222 7119   Home: 0191 271 0450
Fax:  (0044) (0191) 222 5219






  Interested in churches and castles from childhood (I-Spy Churches etc).

Degree in Archaeology and History from Southampton University; interest diverted from churches to vernacular architecture (i.e., houses and farm buildings, though I now believe many churches are just as vernacular) and thesis later turned into Rural Houses of North Avon and South Gloucestershire 1400-1720, published by Bristol City Museum in 1983. (Bristol is my home area.)

"Fixtures and Fittings in Dated Houses 1567-1763 published 1994 by Council for British Archaeology. This comprises lots of measured drawings of doors, stairs, ironwork, etc., etc.

Am currently working on a different and expanded version for Countryside Books, who have just published Down the Garden Path : Privies of the Bristol and Bath Area (great fun to research!!) Am also currently recording fixtures and fittings in Hampshire for a chapter in a book on dated houses of Hampshire. After doing "Fixtures and Fittings . . . " I returned to looking at churches, which are stuffed full of C17th and C18th woodwork! To make the task manageable I am now concentrating on actual west galleries. Perhaps this might make a Shire book one day.

I belong to the Vernacular Architecture Group and the Regional Furniture Society; the latter organises excellent days out looking at church furnishings. I also do some freelance recording work for planning applications, and do a lot of lecturing for assorted local groups and for NADFAS.

Member of the West Gallery Music Association.

Contact Linda at

>>>We are greatly indebted to Linda for her tremendous input of information for this web site - S & E. <<<





(John E Vigar MA FRSA)



John Vigar`s specialist subject is ecclesiology - the study of church architecture and associated topics. He has written extensively on the subject and leads regular tours to churches across England, both as part of his own programme of activities, and for other organisations including Summer Academy and Denman College. He is particularly interested in nineteenth century church restoration and his MA thesis was written on the subject of `Church Restoration in the Diocese of Rochester`. John has written the guidebooks for several dozen churches in Kent and Sussex and is the author of books on the churches of these two counties. He has visited and recorded over 10,000 Anglican churches in England and is on course to complete all 16,000 by the year 2010.

He is an active supporter of the following church-related charities

  • The Churches Conservation Trust
  • The Friends of Friendless Churches
  • The Historic Churches Preservation Trust
  • The Ecclesiological Society
  • The Open Churches Trust



John is the author of the following books:

  • Curious Kent (Meresborough Books, 1984)
  • Exploring Kent Churches (Meresborough Books, 1985)
  • Exploring Sussex Churches (Meresborough Books, 1986)
  • Shire County Guide: Kent (Shire Publications, 1988)
  • Kent Curiosities (The Dovecote Press Ltd, 1992)
  • The Lost Villages of Sussex (The Dovecote Press Ltd, 1994)
  • Kent Churches (Sutton Publishing, 1995)
  • Stream, Steam and Stencils (Kent County Council, 1994)
  • Kent: The County in Colour (The Dovecote Press Ltd, 2000)
  • Kent Churches (The Dovecote Press Ltd, 2001)

In addition John is the author of several dozen church guidebooks, and has written widely in journals and magazines. His books are available from the usual outlets and direct from the author. Please email for further information.


John lectures for the University of Kent throughout the Autumn and Spring terms, speaking on a variety of architectural and social history studies. He is a regular tutor at Denman College which is the national college of the Women’s Institute near Oxford and each summer he leads courses for the Summer Academy programme of the University of Kent at Canterbury. An enthusiastic and popular approach to his subject ensures that he has a large following of regular students.

In addition to his contracted lectures John is a popular speaker at meetings of many different groups including NADFAS, the National Trust, the Civic Trust, and historical societies country-wide. Each year he makes a bi-annual lecture tour of public Libraries and Colleges in Germany speaking on English literature and its links with topographical history.

His current portfolio of lectures includes:

  • Bedrooms, Banquets and Balls - the history of the English Country House.
  • Leave no stone unturned - the lives and burial places of the famous and infamous.
  • Britain with Betjeman - English architecture as seen through the eyes of our Poet Laureate.
  • Kent Churches - an in-depth study of 1500 years of religious heritage.
  • Sussex Churches - a huge variety of ecclesiastical architecture in Downland Country.
  • Curious Kent - follies and unusual stories from the Garden of England.
  • Curious London - overlooked aspects of London history.
  • Eastwards from Wrotham - a comparative topographical study.
  • The Church's Restoration - How our old churches were rebuilt in the nineteenth century

Address: The White House, Rochester Road, AYLESFORD, Kent, ME20 7BL

Telephone: 01622 718118 (office) 07958 409336 (mobile)






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