North Riding

 St Peter


View of the south side of the church from the road leading from the bridge over the River Tees

The church stands on the south bank of the River Tees, and is a long, low building built of sandstone,
both colourful and of good quality. It was mainly constructed in the 14th century,
and has good buttresses and tracery within the upper parts of the windows.

Nave and chancel
The nave and chancel from the west end

The interior is made interesting by the varying light which enters through the windows in different parts of the church. The elevated pew constructed by the Millbank family is also in a very prominent position on the north side of the nave, together with its private staircase and the flambouyant (if not ostentatious) tomb beneath.

Millbank pew Millbank pew
The squire's pew, constructed by the Millbank family
Millbank pew Millbank pew and tomb
The rear of the squire's pew showing the private staircase and tomb beneath
The three sedilia, or priests' seats, on the south wall of the sanctuary,
together with a piscina to their left. All are14th century.
detail of sedilia detail of cat on sedilia
Detail of the arches over the sedilia,
and the cat incorporated within the carvings at its western end.
The aumbry on the north side of the altar, showing detail of the carved 14th-century lintel.
Royal hatchment on the north wall of the chancel.

There is also a Romano-British sculpture of a local deity let into the south wall inside the church to the left of the south door, not shown

Dove's reference for the bells:



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The church and churchyard are immediately adjoining the main road on the south side of the ancient bridge over the River Tees. The Croft Spa Hotel is on the other corner of the road junction at that point, and the key of the church can be obtained from the Reception desk

Photographs: © Edwin Macadam



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