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Churches which still retain west gallery features or connections

Gwernesney, dedication not known 15th century baptistry screen.
Llangeview, St David The building dates largely from the fifteenth century from which time dates most of the windows and the screen and rood loft inside. The font is another, very simple, medieval survival but the pewing and pulpit and indeed the larger squire’s pew in the chancel are all eighteenth century. The altar rails in twisted baluster form date from circa 1700. See this church on the Friends of Friendless Churches web site at http://www.friendsoffriendlesschurches.org.uk/   
Mamhilad, Dedication not known Gallery uses bressumer and front of Rood Loft.
Nash, Dedication not known Church dates from ca.1792.  West gallery and box-pews.
Portskewett, Dedication not known Gallery dates from 1818.

Churches which are known to have had west gallery features or connections

Grosmont, Dedication not known Before 1879 "restoration" there were galleries over the north and south transepts, one originally for minstrels, the other for singers. Instruments were fiddle, clarionet and 'cello. The village blacksmith was the clerk and his daughter led the singing. Occasionally the fiddle failed to put in an appearance, and the clerk, who took great interest in the choir and sang bass, would look up to the gallery and call to his daughter, "Now Pollie, pitch the key."
Newport, St.Woolo's Since 1819 the organ had been in the singing gallery over the east end of the nave; in 1913 it was moved to a specially constructed west gallery in the north aisle.
Trelech, St.Nicholas Contains the main part of a Jacobean three-decker, with old altar rails and the site of a possible west gallery.
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