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HoveStAndrewExterior.jpg (54941 bytes)
Exterior from the road


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The Baldachino erected in 1927.


The church is owned by The Churches Conservation Trust

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The east end


HoveStAndeweastend.jpg (52329 bytes)
The east end as depicted in an earlier painting


Hove int from e web.jpg (121620 bytes)
West gallery


HoveStAndrewFontwithcanopy.jpg (53198 bytes)
The font


HoveStAndrewWindow.jpg (54337 bytes)

A remarkable classical church designed in the 1820s by Sir Charles Barry before he was really famous and known as  a gothicist. It was built to serve the Brunswick Square development a block to the west of the town, and by the seafront.  This was the seasonal home of the nobility and those of taste. 

Many of the memorials are to the good and great who went to Hove for their health and died there. It has just undergone a very extensive restoration having been occupied by squatters for many months.  


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Standing just off the seafront, the church will be open to visitors on Sunday afternoons from June to September.

Photographs: © John E Vigar 2002 (2, 4 & 6) and John Salmon 2003 (1, 3, 5, 8 & 9)

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