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Known as the pro-Cathedral,  the tower fell in 1740 and wrecked the old church.   It was rebuilt between 1749 and 1763, being re-opened in 1763.    It is now a solid red-brick church with a battlemented tower, almost certainly designed by James Horne, architect of St Catherine Coleman, Christchurch, Southwark, and St Mary, Ealing.

In 1869 various side galleries were removed, together with many other old fittings, and leaving the west gallery only, which remains, together with the pulpit. (CEPC)


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Its inside has an enormous span of ceiling, broader than any London church.  Ironwork and joinery are very good, as in all Horne's churches, and here particularly the pulpit. 



Dove's reference for the bells:

Guildford, Surrey, Holy Trinity, 8, 23-3-8 in D. Wednesday 


Map reference  :  SU999495


Photographs: © Karen Christley



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