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[Noted in the back of the book after a list of parish apprentices]

15 March 1797   Rules and Regulations for the Singers in Madeley Church*

1st.    That the Singers be Chosen by the Parish & to have the use of the two Seats No 3 & 4 in the Gallary the key to be kept at Geo: Perks, or where the Church wardens shall direct.
2nd.    When any new member is wanted they shall first give their name to the Church Wardens for the time being, & if approved of at the next Vestry Meeting to be admitted.
3rd.    The Singers to keep to plain Tunes in Generall no Anthems or Odes to be sung except upon Festivals or Particular Occasions & then not without the consent of the Minister.
4.    That one of the Singers do meet the Minister in the Vestry each Sunday Morning before the Service to consult with him on the Hymns or Psalms to be sung that day.
5.    No Singing after the Morning Service without the approbation of the Minister.
The following persons are made choice of
      Robert Poole
      George Perks
      William Perks
      George Longmore
      Richd Turner
      Josh Dorrall
      Thomas Handley

*    VCH XI notes that "The Evangelical tradition produced an austerity of worship apt for the new parish church opened in 1797.  [page 62]   

      Madeley was a "Mecca" of Methodism prior to the schism with the Church of England.

29 December 1824

. . . It was resolved also that the sum of ten guineas be allowed to the singers for their attendance at the church & for instructing the children & others during the week.

27 December 1827

 . . . A Bill of Mr W Smith's for Musical Instruments and Books having been presented resolved that the charge of Four Guineas for a Clarionet be disallowed, no Authority for purchasing it having been given by the parish, and that henceforth no Bill for music or singing be allowed without he written Oder from the Churchwardens.

. . . Resolved further that the Sum of ten guineas <annually> voted to the Singers by the Vestry of Decr. 29. 1824 be discontinued.

. . . And it was resolved that the thanks of the Vestry be given to Mr Sam Welsby for his past exertions and attention to the Choir.

. . . Resolved also that all musical Books and instruments heretofore purchased at the expense of the parish be marked forthwith as the property of the parish under the directions of the Church wardens.

26 September 1833

. . . In consideration of John Price as Parish Clerk having proved himself Serviceable in leading the Singing, a gratuity of 5, is hereby granted to him, & is to be continued as long as he thus exerts himself, & to be considered due at Lady's day.

17th December 1835

. . . Mr John Price having tendered his resignation on 25th of [March ?] , as Parish Clerk, the same is accepted.

9 February 1837

. . . Resolved that the $5 allowed by a Minute in this Book dated September 26th 1833 Allowing 5 annually to John Price then Parish Clerk having been discontinued on his leaving that office - it is hereby directed that the Churchwardens charge the like Sum for the purpose of advancing Psalmody in the Church.

. . . Proposed by Mr Chune and seconded Most Cordially by Mr Smith that our thanks are due thereby offered to Mr Cookson for his regular attendance & gratuitory and efficient performance on the Seraphim during the last twelve months.

20 June 1839

. . . thanks of this meeting are hereby most cordially offered to Miss Pattrick for her generous conduct in presenting an Organ to the Parish Church & erecting the same at her own & sole expence & that a due acknowledgement of the gift sh'd be marked on the Benefaction table.


1.   Minutes checked for entries until 1856, and no relevant entries found.
2.   The Chunes were timber merchants in Madeley, Coalbrookedale and Shrewsbury.  Info from Mary Mitchell of Edinburgh.

Researched by Gordon and Isabella Ashman 2002


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