St Andrew

Brief description of the church

Lonely on the 960 feet (293 m) high Grey Mare Hill, St Andrew’s is cruciform with a bell-cote, built in 1769 on the site of a much older church. Following a collapse from mining subsidence in 1835 the church was remodelled in 1892. 

Inside it is a simple and appealing little church, with sturdy stone ribs over the crossing. As well as some fine 18th century headstones in the churchyard there is the fantastic domed structure of the Hopper Mausoleum, erected in 1752 with obelisks above and statues in carved niches on the sides.


No galleries, but the seating is box-pews, facing the centre of the nave, and the pulpit and reading desk form a 'two-decker'.

The text comes from the Church Guide and the photographs are by Edwin Macadam

Map reference : NZ 045553

Link here for a map. 

8m SE of Corbridge, approached by footpath across a field to the top of Grey Mare Hill, off A68. Open daily.

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