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Churches which still retain west gallery features or connections

Blaby, Dedication not known

Gallery constructed ca. 1740. Very handsome, with fluted pillars and in the centre of the parapet three scenes in inlay. (Pevsner)

Breedon-on-the-Hill, St Mary & St Hardulph

Present church is Norman and 13th C., and stands within an Iron Age camp. Originally a Saxon monastic foundation here. The north aisle contains a Jacobean canopied pew of the Shirley family of Staunton Harold There is also a west gallery, probably dating from the 18th C.

Evington ChapelHigh Street

Grid ref: SK6203   Organ dated 1838, reputedly belonged to the Prince Consort; installed in this chapel in 1841 on the west (?) gallery. [NPOR website]

*Kings Norton, St John the Baptist


The church was entirely rebuilt by the younger Wing of Leicester during the period 1760-75. Inside, the church is dominated by the pulpit, which is placed centrally. The fittings are 18th C. throughout. The west gallery is probably 18th C. (CEPC)

1757-61. Early Gothic Revival. West gallery on Roman Doric columns. (Pevsner) #

Lockington, St Nicholas

The most interesting unrestored church in the County. (CEPC) No details of the interior . . .

Lubenham, All Saints

Virtually unrestored, with 13th C. piers and capitals to the nave. The early 19th C. box-pews survive as a set.

Nevil Holt, St Mary

Jacobean pulpit.

Orton on the Hill, St Edith of Polesworth

SK 304039. Box-pews, three-decker pulpit and font (1764), all make this a church which retains the atmosphere of the period.

Stapleford, St Mary Magdalene

Set within Stapleford Park, it was wholly rebuilt to the designs of George Richardson and at the expense of the Earl of Harborough, in 1783, in the "Gothick" style. The seats face inwards, College chapel style, and the original fittings remain. The woodwork is good, especially in the west gallery 1783 (CEPC).

The west gallery is the family pew, complete with fireplace. (Guidebook) #

Staunton Harold, Holy Trinity

This is the private chapel of Staunton Harold Hall (Lord  Ferrers), and is set at an oblique angle to it on a grass bank overlooking the lake. Sir Robert Shirley built it 1653-65, in defiance of the Commonwealth government of that time. Whilst this is not the only church in England to have been built during that time, it is the only one to have retained all its original fittings, including pews, painted ceilings, altar hangings and church plate. The 17th C. pale green glass survives in some of the windows. (CEPC)

There is an early organ in the west gallery, the case being dated 1686, but the organ is believed to be earlier, probably Christian Smith, 1630s.

Churches which are known to have had west gallery features or connections

Bottesford, Unknown  
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