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In 1709 - 1710 the old church was enlarged and considerably altered, and a west gallery was constructed as part of the work.    Because Wanstead was expanding quickly as a suburb, the size of the church became inadequate, and it was completely demolished. 

A new church was built in 1790 by Thomas Hardwick, and dedicated in 1791. This church was built with galleries on north, west and south sides, supported by plastered columns. An organ and choir seating were provided in the west gallery. The organ has been enlarged on several occasions, and remains in the west gallery, as will be seen from the photograph below.

The pulpit has a sounding board supported by slender palm tree columns; this, together with the galleries and box-pews remain, and the church is said to be the best example surviving of an 18th century church in Essex. (CEPC) The choir's original seating also still survives in the west gallery, although the choir was robed from 1901, at which time they moved to the chancel.

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