St Nicholas

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The church as seen from the west and south-west, looking across (1) and along (2) Church Street, respectively.

It was dedicated on 20th July 1822.  An earlier church is known to have occupied the same site since 1177.  For centuries Harwich has been  both a port and a ship-building town, and St Nicholas is the Patron Saint of sailors.  Christopher Jones, Master of the Mayflower, was married in the former church.

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At the west end, the gallery is surmounted by the organ which was designed for it and built in 1822 by Flight & Robson of London.   Its "Gothic" organ case is part of the original design, although the plain metal pipes were replaced by coloured zinc pipes towards the end of the nineteenth century. After a period of "dereliction" it was restored again in 1992.  (Church Guide)

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At either side are additional galleries against the south (4) and north (5) walls . . . 

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. . . and at high level are two additional galleries originally used by schoolchildren. It is not known whether these were Charity Children, but it is recorded that they sat under the eagle eye of the Beadle, who kept order.  The columns themselves are of cast iron. 

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Again, showing the two higher galleries known locally as "the cages", pictures 8 & 9 also show the organ loft and the singer's pew immediately in front of it.

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Details of the box-pews in the north gallery.

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Details of the high box-pews under the west gallery.

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Detail of the pew used by the Mayor and Corporation, on the north side of the nave.

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13 & 14.  The clock and Royal Coat of Arms of George IV on the front of the west gallery.  The King gave 1000 towards the original building fund. 

Dove's reference for the bells:

Harwich, Essex, S Nicholas, 8, 13-2-22 in G


Map reference : TM262326

The church is near the docks

Photographs: © 2002 
  Edwin Macadam

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