County Durham

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Churches which still retain west gallery features or connections

*Durham, St Mary-le-Bow The church was rebuilt in 1685, and the tower in 1703,but the whole appears mediaeval in style. Much 18th C, woodwork, including the Gallery, which was constructed in 1741. The church stands immediately at the east end of the Cathedral, and is now a museum.

Haughton-le-Skerne, St Andrew

Haughton is now a suburb of Darlington, but was once a village on its own. The church contains much woodwork of Bishop Cosin's time, including box-pews, font-cover, reading desk and pulpit, all identical in design. The interior is that of an ancient church furnished in post-Reformation manner, although not necessarily with west gallery connections. ??
Redmarshall, St Cuthbert Much Norman work, and with box-pews. Date??

Churches which are known to have had west gallery features or connections

Stockton, No dedication, but usually known as St Thomas. Imposing pulpit which once formed part of a three-decker. 

Chapels which still retain west gallery features or connections

Ireshopeburn, High House Chapel
Gibside Chapel Situated in the grounds of Gibside Hall, itself now in ruins. The architect was James Paine, and the chapel, built in 1760, was originally intended as the Mausoleum for the Bowes family. However, in 1812 it was refitted as a chapel, and has remained unchanged since that date. A fine three-decker pulpit stands behind the altar, and there are fine box-pews of excellent workmanship, the whole being a perfect example of pre-Tractarian arrangement, remarkable for the quality of both design and material.

Now the property of The National Trust.

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