High House Chapel

Ireshopeburn chapel and galleries
The Organ above the Altar table, and side galleries.

The Chapel was built in 1761, and is one of the oldest Methodist chapels still in use. John Wesley visited here on one of his peregrinations.

The chapel adjoins the River Wear in Upper Weardale (it is also next to the Weardale Inn), an area forgotten by Anglicans and where there are numerous independent chapels. Its Georgian facade is a landmark for passers-by, and the building is constructed of local grey stone. Typical of the period and style are its round arched windows.

Whilst the chapel was extended and refitted in 1872, the interior remains much as it was before alterations took place, and it remains typical of such local meeting houses.

Emphasis in the fittings is on the high pulpit at the east end, which is surrounded on three sides by galleries, that over the pulpit also housing the organ.

Part of the chapel has become a museum holding local memorabilia.



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Ireshopeburn lies on the A689 between Durham and Penrith.
Photograph by J. Winter, and taken from a local postcard

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