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St Nicholas

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1, 2, 3  -  The south side of the church, with the Union Flag flying at half-mast in respect for Princess Margaret, buried that day.

4  -  The tower from the north -west, showing massive buttresses, and 5  -  the church clock.

Like its neighbour, Chearsley, the church is dedicated to St Nicholas and it, too, has escaped any serious attempts at "restoration" work.  

The church stands at the foot of a steep hill, adjoining the Big House, and with in a village setting - the epitome of an English country church. The structure is certainly mediaeval, and, as one always expects, with alterations over time.  The interior, however, is almost entirely 18th century, with a west gallery dominating the west end. This stretches the entire width of the nave, and is lit by the rearmost of the nave windows, which it partly obscures.

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The gallery as viewed from the pulpit.
The gallery as viewed from the chancel arch.
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The west gallery of 1761, with organ (date?)
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Detail of the Royal Coat of Arms on the front of the gallery.
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Gallery pews.
View of nave looking west from gallery.
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The three-decker pulpit.
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Looking down the pulpit stairs.  Note the door into the Rectory pew.  There is a holder for a fob-watch beside the pulpit lectern.

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The Squire's pew opposite the Rectory pew and pulpit.

Roundels of Dutch glass in one of the windows (1647)

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The pendulum of the clock  The clock dates from 1772 - see detail if inscription over gallery (7 & 8).
The ringing room inside the west door. Note the sloping floor and cobbles.

Dove's Guide to Church Bells

Nether Winchendon, Bucks, S Nicholas (GF), 5, 12-1-8 in G. 
Winchendon Place Doubles is named after this church.


Map reference    :   SP733123

The church appears to be open at most reasonable times. 

Photographs: © Edwin Macadam   2002

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