Churches with  instruments known to have been used in Church Bands.
(NB This list is not intended to be a record of what instruments are still there)

Farndon, Cheshire  

C18 bassoon (AM)  

Great Crosthwaite, Cumberland   C18 pitch pipe and conductor’s baton (AM)
Millom, Cumberland   Two old pitch pipes. (AM)
Church Broughton, Derbyshire Bassoon   [Preserved in church - EVC 1998]
Feering, Essex Bassoon (Millhouse 1770)    [Preserved in church - EVC 1998]
Avington, Hants  Barrel organ c.1830
Crondall, Hants   Pitchpipe 1783
Mattingley, Hants   Clarinet
Minstead,  Hants

There is a tombstone with a carving of a serpent above the following inscription: 

"To the memory of Thomas Maynard 
who departed this life 
July 9th 1817 aged 27 years.
The Band of Musicians of the 
South Hants Yeomanry (of which He was a Member) 
in testimony of their esteem 
caused this stone to be erected."

Old Alresford, Hants   Clarinet    [Preserved in church - EVC 1998]
Owslebury, Hants   Serpent    [Preserved in church - EVC 1998]
Rotherwick, Hants   Bassoon and two clarinets
Stratfield Saye, Hants   Barrel organ
West Tytherley, Hants   Barrel Organ 1834
Warblington, Hants   Pitchpipe
Yateley, Hants   Bassoon, piccolo and four clarinets
Charing, Kent Vamphorn (claimed to be only one with wooden mouthpiece)     [Preserved in church - EVC 1998]
Hoghton,Lancs Bassoon
Willoughton, Lincs Vamphorn   [Preserved in church - EVC 1998]
Braybrooke, Northants Vamphorn   [Preserved in church - EVC 1998]
Harrington, Northants Vamphorn   [Preserved in church - EVC 1998]
East Leake, Nottinghamshire Vamphorn, (7ft 9ins long)   [Preserved in church - EVC 1998]
Great Milton, Oxon Key Bugle and Ophicleide.    [Preserved in church - EVC 1998]
Aldbury, Herts   Pitchpipe
Ridlington, Rutland Violin, flute, two clarinets, bassoon.
Barking, Suffolk Serpent   [Preserved in church - EVC 1998]
Rumburgh, Suffolk Clarinet    [Preserved in church - EVC 1998]
Buxted, East Sussex Bassoon    [Preserved in church - EVC 1998], thought to have been stolen EMLM
Ashurst, West Sussex Vamphorn. Made of sheet iron, and painted green with yellow lettering "Praise Him upon ye strings and Pipe, 1770. Palmer fecit."
West Tarring,  West Sussex  
Shermanbury, West Sussex Recorders and Cello.    [Preserved in church - EVC 1998]
Upper Beeding, West Sussex Serpent - [Preserved in church - EVC 1998] unfortunately long since stolen. EMLM
Redmire, North Yorks Orchestra known to have performed up until 1879, using fiddles, cornets, woodwind and euphonium.
Giggleswick, North Yorks Oboe, clarinet, bass fiddle and set of drums.
Lythe, North Yorks (?) Two ophicleides.


Towyn, Merionethshire  

“Bass viol from old musicians’ gallery hangs on the chancel arch.”  (Shell Guide)








Bisley Two wooden figures, which were formerly part of the roof decoration, are now lodged on a window sill. Very ancient, they represent a man playing bagpipes, and another, a recorder. (?)(TC 1977)
Elkstone Two gargoyles on buttresses - one blowing a citole and the other a recorder (?)  Thought to be late 14th C.  (TC 1977)
  6 further churches in the Cotswolds  (TC 1977)  
Snowshill Manor Has a collection of musical instruments  (TC 1977)



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