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Brief description of the church

Bramhope Chapel, in Wharfedale, is also known locally as the Puritan Chapel, and was built in 1649. It is no longer in regular use and is therefore redundant.

Following the Dissolution of the Monasteries, Henry VIII gave the surrounding area to the Earl of Cumberland. Later in the 16th century the Dyneley family moved into the area and acquired Bramhope Hall, and in 1649 they built the Chapel near the Hall for their own use, it being taken over a few years later by the Church of England after the Restoration of Charles II.

It is one of only a few chapels built during the Commonwealth period, and is said never to have been consecrated. This did not, however, prevent it being used regularly for church services up until 1881-82. It was at this time that it proved too small for the congregation worshipping there, St Giles being built in 1881 to accommodate the growing numbers.

It contains original furnishings, box-pews and a three-decker pulpit.


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Take the A660 north-west of Leeds, and the chapel stands in Otley Rd., Bramhope. The turning is adjacent to Forte Posthouse Hotel.

Use the OS Grid reference in the Worcestershire & Districts Change Ringing Association link to to find a street map showing the church. Follow the instructions on the site.



Information and pictures from the Bramhope Parish Council web site at, to whom we are indebted for this information.


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