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The word "Old" refers to the fact that at the beginning of this century it was envisaged that this church would close, and a new church dedicated to St Martin was built to the east of the city. (See below).   However, "Old" St Martin's survived and is in daily use for worship.

This church was built of brick and stone in the late 18th century (from 1767) in the classical style and replaced an older mediaeval church on the site, which was then within the walls of the City of Worcester, on the east side of the city.  A tower was added shortly after completion of the main church building.  The east window was altered in the mid-19th century in the age of Victorian "improvements", so that this has neo-Gothic ornamentation.  Regrettably Old St Martin's is surrounded by the city's ring-road, a car-park and generally run-down premises, so does not offer a promising sight to visitors.

A West gallery was built in the church in the early 1800s across two of the windows and two of the memorial stones dating from the late 1700s of two of the parish's deceased families who are buried in the crypt below.  There were also galleries in the north and south aisles which lasted only a short time.  However, the West gallery remains and is used by Vital Spark for concerts of West gallery music.  An organ has been built on the gallery.

Old St Martin's has an Anglo-Catholic tradition, at least since c. 1902.  Before then it appears to have been less rigid in ceremony.  The church was to have closed many times throughout the 1900s as the population left the centre of Worcester, and indeed a "New" St Martin's was opened in 1910 in the south-east suburbs of the growing city, with Old St Martin's parish being merged with St Swithun's.  However, it has survived as one of the two churches that form Worcester City parish (the other being All Saints), these being the only two Anglican parish churches now in regular use within the old centre of Worcester.


See also the parish website  for details of the two churches and pictures of All Saints and Old St Martins.  

St Martin's has a peal of bells, which unfortunately cannot be rung for safety reasons.  For details see .


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Dove's reference to the bells

Worcester, Worcs, S Martin, 6, 13cwt in G.   Unringable. 


Map reference  :  SO852550

The church is in Cornmarket, Worcester.

Service times:      Every Sunday at 9.30am: Solemn Eucharist
Weekday Eucharists: Monday 12Noon, Wednesday 10.30am, Friday 12 Noon, Saturday 12 Noon.


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