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Churches which still retain west gallery features or connections

Bolton, dedication not known West gallery shown in picture in  AM
Brougham, St Ninian, Ninekirks This remote church is known locally as 'Ninekirks', and stands in glorious isolation surrounded by trees in the middle of a field in a lonely Dale and beside the River Eamont. It is three miles from the Vicarage.

Originally a Saxon church, it was taken over by the Normans who altered it to suit them. Lady Anne Clifford took it over in 1660, and rebuilt it - it remains today almost as she left it, a plain white-washed little church with oak box- and canopied-pews, a pulpit with sounding-board, oak seats with carved arm-rests, and screens. It is believed there also may be a west gallery . . . Over the altar are her initials, she being from the nearby Brougham Castle, and the most memorable of her family.

NB - if visiting this church, be sure to visit also St Wilfrid's Church in Brougham, the contrast between the two has to be seen to be described. It is well worth a visit. - EMLM.
Ravenstonedale, St Oswald NY 722043  Originally the site of a much older building, fragments of this were incorporated into the new church of 1738-44. There is a three-decker pulpit and the congregation face each other collegiate style.
Troutbeck, Jesus Church NY365271.  Old church, built by at least 1506, demolished and rebuilt 1736 reusing many of the original oak roof beams. Its beautiful east window was designed by Edward Burne Jones, Ford Maddox Brown and William Morris. The churchyard lies in a perfect valley setting, overlooked by ancient yew trees. Peaceful, light and colourful, the church is open for quiet viewing throughout the year. Original (1736) west gallery.


Churches which are known to have had west gallery features or connections

Appleby, St Lawrence This is a large Early English and perpendicular style church, restored in 1655 by Lady Anne Clifford, who in fact is buried here, together with her mother. The organ was given by Dean Smith of Carlisle Cathedral in 1683.

The organ was set up on a classical singers' gallery in 1722, since removed. Parts of the organ casing survive from 1542-7, some has been reused on corporation pews.
Kirkby Lonsdale, Dedication unknown Had organ in west gallery until 1866.
Witherslack, St Paul Church built 1644 and restored in 1873. The canopied pulpit was once a three-decker.
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