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Brief description of the church then . . . 

This is what John Betjeman and Robert Wakeford said in about 1958 about St Martin's Church:

Mainly 13th C., but the furnishings are its chief claim to distinction. A inscription over the door records the building of the vestry in 1810. These box-pews (sic) some oak and some deal remain; the double-decker pulpit is hung with Georgian velvet. West gallery, Royal Arms, turned rails round three sides of altar. . . (John Betjeman and Robert Wakeford in CEPC, 1958)

. . . and now . . . 

and this is from an email received on 26th February 2003
In reference to the Church in St Martins you say that the box seats are a key component of the Church. I was raised in St Martins and I agree.

However I visited the Church about 12 months ago and I came away saddened and angry at what has been done there. All the boxed sections have been removed and you now sit on kitchen type seats, an annexe has been built that does NOT match, [or] fit in with the Church and at the end where a section of the grave yard was it is now a car park for the Church. I am very disappointed that this could happen.

Signed:  "Saddened visitor to the church" 

PICTURES of the exterior and interior wanted please!


Dove's reference for the bells:

St Martins, Salop, S Martin of Tours, 6, 7-2-22 in A. 

Map reference : SJ322363

Use the Worcestershire & Districts Change Ringing Association link to to find a street map showing the church. Follow the instructions on that web site. 

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