St Peter

West end of church    view from north-east

The west end of the church - a long, low building whose history, and that of the village, dates from the Domesday Book, and a view of the west end.  

There is only one entrance to the church, the door at the north-east corner

The Church Guide can be read below. Click on the pictures of the pages to enlarge them.

view from south-west
The church exterior from the south-west
Compare this modern photograph with John Piper's gouache of the church.  The picture is taken from a postcard on sale in the church, in aid of church funds. 

The Porch
NE entrance door

The north-east entrance porch and door arch.

view to east end with pews and pulpit
Jacobean pulpit  view to west end

Three views of the interior showing the Jacobean pulpit with its tester, reading desk used by the minister and the cut down pews, brick floor and plastered walls.

The Church Guide - click on pictures to enlarge

church history (1)
Pages 1 and 4
church history (2)
Pages 2 and 3


Map reference : SU
Photographs:   2003 Edwin Macadam

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