St Thomas

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The lower part of the nave walls date from the late Saxon or early Norman period, evidence of which can be seen of the typical coursed flintwork of that period up to the sills of the windows in the south wall. The quoins are quite rough and date from the 11-12th centuries.  Buttresses were added to the walls as support in the 15th century when the  original nave windows were replaced with the larger ones in the perpendicular style.

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The painted panels of the south Rood Door, here showing two of the Four Latin Doctors - St Augustine of Hippo and St Jerome. In the bottom of these two panels are shown the donors with their names in scrolls. They appear to be Marie Baynardt and ? Baynardt.  The screens date from c.1485, and the paintings are very well executed.

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A view of the interior looking towards the chancel. 

In this view, ledger slabs in the nave aisle can also be seen. The Reader's Desk seen in front of the pulpit dates from Elizabethan times (1558-1603) and adjacent to it is the pulpit which dates from Queen Anne (1702-1710).  The pulpit is a two-decker.

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The key to the church is hand-made, no doubt fashioned by a local smith, and is measures over 16 inches long - one of the longest I've seen! 


Dove's reference for the bells:

Foxley, Norfolk, St Thomas (GF), 6, 9cwt. 

Map reference : TG039217

Use the Worcestershire & Districts Change Ringing Association link to to find a street map showing the church. Follow the instructions on the site.

Pictures and information kindly supplied by Chris (Seajay) Harrison,
Seajay Harrison, 2003 

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