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Churches which still retain west gallery features or connections

Jesmond, aka The Clayton Memorial Church Better known as Jesmond Parish Church. it was built between 1859-61 with galleries above the north and south aisles, and across the west end, where initially there was a small organ.

West Gallery taken down 1907 ( leaving those on N and S) to allow for an extension for a baptistry at the west end, and followed many changes made within the east end of the church from the 1880s onwards. These included the installation of choir stalls and a larger organ.  The lateness of the construction of a west gallery church reflects the conservative evangelical nature of this Anglican church's foundation.  See summary on Church page, and also Alan Munden's book, available in the church  (Information from Robin King.) See also the church's own web site at :

Newcastle, All Saints Elliptical 18th C. auditory church by David Stephenson, with contemporary radial pewing in mahogany. Unusual placing of the clerk's seat. . . . Important city church almost bereft of its parish. (CEPC)
Shotley, St Andrew NZ 045553. Built in 1769 on the site of a much older church and remodelled in 1892. A simple and appealing little church, with sturdy stone ribs over the crossing. As well as some fine 18th century headstones in the churchyard there is the fantastic domed structure of the Hopper Mausoleum, erected in 1752 with obelisks above and statues in carved niches on the sides.
Tynemouth, Christ Church 18th C. structure in ashlar stonework, with plastered interior. Most of the 19th C. furnishings and memorials have now been removed, but there is still a west gallery upon which there is an organ.

Churches which are known to have had west gallery features or connections

Alnwick, St Michael & All Angels When the north arcade in the nave was modified in 1818, the first and third pillars were removed to accommodate a new west gallery. This gallery removed in 1863 and the pillars restored.
Warkworth, St Lawrence The church has a Norman chancel arch, the chancel itself being 12th C. with a vaulted roof. 15th C porch with room above. Exquisite wrought-iron rails dating from the 17th C., and fragments of 15th C, glass Painted Royal Arms of the time of James II. Warkworth Parish included the parishes of Amble, Acklington and Chevington whose parishioners once occupied a special gallery at the west end.
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