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Churches which still retain west gallery features or connections

Abbey Dore, Holy Trinity & St Mary The presbytery, with its ambulatory and chapels, the crossing and the transepts of a great church of the Cistercian Order, of the Early English style and with complete 17th C. fittings. In 1634, Viscount Scudamore restored the Abbey after the Reformation as the Parish Church, and thus saved what is possibly the most beautiful church in the county. (
*Clodock, St Clydog A broad, aisleless church on the banks of the River Monnow. It has late 17th C. furniture, a west gallery, a three-decker pulpit and box pews. (CEPC)

"The South section near the window for the musicians or instrumentalists or orchestra has an oblong music table in the centre, bevelled at the top to hold the music, and with square tapering legs. This occupies about a quarter of the gallery. Three-quarters is given to the minstrels or the village choir; with seats facing the chancel, and quite steep, one behind the other, so that the singer behind could sing over the head of the one in front. The seats have moulded edges and backs, ending with a moulded rail held by a turned pillar or baluster. The gallery has a moulded front beam, and this is supported by two rectangular posts decorated with curved furrows. There are delightful panels in the front with a moulded rail, and underneath smaller plain beams or joists. The staircase leading to it is very wide, in two flights, and again having a moulded string and handrails with the turned balusters." (Guidebook) #
Brockhampton-by-Bromyard, All Saints Gothic Revival 1790 . . . (CEPC) Does this mean there are fittings of the same period??
Croft, St Michael & All Angels The church stands close by Croft Castle, and contains a magnificent tomb of Sir Richard Croft who died in 1509. There is 17th C. panelling and the gallery is probably of the same date, or possibly early 18th C. It is made up from the former family pew.
How Caple, St Mary The church contains two pulpits with red-lined canopies . . . any further details ??
Kilpeck St Mary and St David This church dated from the third quarter of the 12th C,, apart from a corner of the nave which is Saxon, some mediaeval windows and a 19th C. restored bell-cote. 17th C. west gallery.
Kings Caple, St John the Baptist Pews 1638. Early 18th C. gallery. Organ was added in the 1850s.
Kinsham, All Saints Woodwork simple early 18th C. (No specific reference to gallery or any other items in Pevsner.)

There is also a pulpit of the same date. (CEPC)
Monnington-on-Wye, St Mary the Virgin "Built 1679, the church is a period piece with delightful oak benches, pulpit and a Royal Coat of Arms of Charles II. This needs checking out . . .
Richard's Castle, St Bartholomew Inside the church there are 17th C. box-pews and a family pew in the North chancel, where there is also some 14th C. glass. Elevated pews at west end forming a low gallery.
Sellack, St Tyssilio The church contains a Jacobean gallery, pulpit and communion rails. "With two tapering Jacobean posts." (Pevsner)
Shobdon, St John the Evangelist "Mid-18th C. [1752-56.] rococo-Gothic with enormous pews painted white. The whole effect is extremely pretty and is now much admired, though in the past antiquarians have suffered anguish because its Romanesque-Celtic predecessor was despoiled "
(David Verey, FSA, in CEPC)

It is believed to have a gallery.  No reference to gallery in Pevsner.
Stoke Edith, St Mary the Virgin Church rebuilt in the Classical style in 1741, with a 14th C. spire; It is believed to have a gallery. (No reference in Pevsner.)
Tyberton, St Mary Church rebuilt in 1720 in brick, with contemporary furnishings.
Whitney, Dedication not known 17th C. gallery. Church mostly rebuilt 1740 after flood, but reused much of old material. West gallery and stair. Turned balusters. (Pevsner.)

If circa 1740, very conservative. (L.H.)

Churches which are known to have had west gallery features or connections

Bosbury, Dedication not known West gallery installed and removed in 19th C.
Bredwardine, St Andrew West gallery removed in 1875-76 when the Victorians renewed the roof.
Pembridge, St Mary the Virgin Singers' Gallery said to have been above the rood screen. 
Vowchurch , Dedication not known West gallery removed mid-19th C.
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