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A small plain Saxon church, with a west gallery dating from ca. 1853. The furnishings all pitch pine and presumably date from 1853 restoration. The interior retains it "old" appearance.

Despite a general restoration in 1853. much of the original church remains. On the east gable a vertical pilaster strip rises from a stone string course, a feature of Saxon architecture, and on the north wall of the chancel a splendid example of a double-splayed Saxon window opening, decorated with a double line of cable- moulding, may be seen, but from the exterior only.

In the nave, the boxed Squire's pew, (still used as such), the three-decker pulpit and the west gallery, all in plain pitch pine, remain from the restoration of 1853. Sir Nikolaus Pevsner, the celebrated commentator on architecture and art observed that the restoration work 'suggests an immunity, in this remote place, from the influence of ecclesiological revival which had, by then, penetrated almost everywhere else', and it remains true that, at Boarhunt church, we are disinclined to bend to the whims of fashion!


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