Independent Chapel

Please help to save this Chapel from demolition
Interior of chapel
Take a look at this building - at first glance you may think it is very dull and of no interest. However this chapel, which closed its doors last week - 2006 -  (and remained independent even from the Congregational Union) has its roots back to 1710. Sadly it has become so derelict that you can put your fingers through the window sills and the rendering on the chapel has come off in handfuls.

The chapel is situated in chapel lane which is a hidden enclave off of the A38 which gives it a kind of historic atmosphere hidden behind trees and loads of junk. Look a bit closer at the chapel under the rendering and you will see that this chapel is unlikely to date from 1825 as the Bof E states.

The plaque on the building has 1710 and 1825 on it - I reckon the 1825 was the date the building was renovated. It also has a complete Georgian Interior with hat pegs and a huge central pulpit and massive galleries.

A look at the exterior under that rendering shows what I think is brickwork clearly more likely to be of the 1710 date.

However I really do wonder what will become of this chapel. Because it doesn't belong to a denomination this one could slip away very quickly - yet it is clearly quite a historic building. It is also in a horrific state of repair (I wonder whether the congregation had a certificate of insurance!) with dry rot. Surely planning would object to it being pulled down - but what else can you do with a chapel of this age and build?

exterior in 2001/02
exterior in 2006
Detail of mid-18th c. brickwork under the rendering.
Newport is on the A38 just beyond the civil parish of Woodford and before turning for Berkeley. I think it is in the civil parish of Alkington. It is a real gem hidden behind the trees on its own road.

The building is at real and almost immediate risk because of it's current state
and also being Independent.

This is apparently not a Listed Building, and is therefore not protected from demolition in any way. Please spend some time to make recommendations and other noises of concern to

 the Gloucestershire Planning Department and Conservation Officer
Shire Hall, Gloucester, GL1 2TN
Phone - 01452 425705
Fax - 01452 425356

and Alkington Parish Council
The Clerk to the Council
Lower Wick Cottage
Lower Wick
GL11 6DD
United Kingdom

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