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History of the village and early church

Described by Nicholas Pevsner as 'one of the architectural  sensations of Cumberland.'   The present church is from about 1400 but there is ample evidence that was an earlier Norman Church of the 12th century.  Outward appearance is perpendicular but inside there is a remarkable nave vaulted roof, entirely foreign to English Gothic architecture, which is unique to this country.  To find another roof of this type one must go to Scotland or to the South of France.


Map reference : 85/229408

Open all day.


6.30pm Evensong                     (1st Sunday in month)   
9.15am Holy Communion         (2nd Sunday in month)  
11am    Holy Communion         (3rd Sunday in month)
8.00am Holy Communion         (4th Sunday in month)


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Arms of Diocese of Carlisle

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