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Churches which still retain west gallery features or connections

Llanfaglan, St Baglan SH 455606. The interior is evocative of eighteenth century social life in the mixture of modest open-back seating and the grander box-pews for the wealthier villagers who as you can see often added their own date and signature.   See this church on the Friends of Friendless Churches web site at http://www.friendsoffriendlesschurches.org.uk/   
Ynyscynhaern, St Cynhaearn


Not far from Barmouth, this church was built on an inland island - in a valley that flooded in winter. Not much medieval work survives because the church was completely rebuilt in the 1830s. It retains its interior fittings from this date including named pews, a west gallery and organ, and pews that run east of the sanctuary rail. The three decker pulpit is one of the most magnificent  in Wales. There are two stained glass windows of note. East window of 3 lights in of 1900 and shows Christ in Majesty, whilst the north window of 1905 shows the figures of  Israel and St Cynhaearn after whom the church is named. The church is now undergoing final repairs having been vested in The Friends of Friendless Churches.  [John Vigar]

Churches which are known to have had west gallery features or connections

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