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Churches which still retain west gallery features or connections

Abbotts Langley, RC Church Organ in west gallery.
Ashridge House Chapel, Management College, HP4 

Position of casework (1818) of organ: W end stone chamber behind gallery & organ case  [ NPOR website ]

Hunsdon, St Dunstan 

Jacobean pulpit. Very interesting church with Jacobean woodwork and some serious monuments with effigies.

Sacombe, Dedication not known  
Wareside, Holy Trinity

Side galleries in the Chancel area


Churches which are known to have had west gallery features or connections

Barley, Dedication not known The 1870 restoration removed south and west galleries.
Epping Upland, All Saints Had a west gallery up until its restoration in 1858. (Chris Bard)
St Alban's, St Michael In 1865 Sir Gilbert Scott carried out restoration. Must have had "rather a fine" west gallery; fragments preserved. It was supported on Corinthian columns which had come from the chapel at Gorhambury; perhaps whole gallery front came from there.
Tring, St Peter & St Paul There was a Musicians' gallery at west end until 1861. From 1827 it contained an organ, whose installation caused mutiny among the singers which was resolved by the Incumbent refusing to preach if there was no singing. Two singers' pews under gallery on either side of tower arch; in 1722 these were assigned to the churchwardens so they could keep an eye on the congregation. Rebuilt in same style in 1862 restoration; they still remain today.
Asterisks denote churches in preparation

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