Churches which still retain west gallery features or connections

Harrold, Dedication unknown New west gallery and organ now replace the old west galleries removed in 1904/5.
Odell, All Saints 1637 gallery.
Pertenhall, St Peter Some box pews. (CEPC)
Wrestlingworth, unknown Early 19th C. gallery.

Churches which are known to have had west gallery features or connections

Harrold, Dedication unknown Old west galleries removed 1904/5.
Haynes, St Mary Thought to have had a west gallery on which stood an organ made by J.W. Walker 1851.
Henlow, St Mary the Virgin "The gallery itself is long gone but two lancet piercings remain at the west end of the north and south walls of the nave. These have been described as 'sound holes' but are big enough to walk through, suggesting that the gallery may have extended into the north and south aisles."  [Info: James Burgess]

Chapels which have west gallery features or connections

Bedford, Bunyan meeting The pitch-pipe here was purchased in 1798 at a cost of 5/- and - given that a Mr. Woodward had been 'raising the tune' (sic) with a pitch-pipe since 1765 - it was probably a replacement. The John Bunyan Museum is in the same building as the chapel, and it is possible the pitch-pipe is held there, rather than in the chapel.

Incidentally, Mr. Woodward gave out the pitch to the instrumentalists first, so why they bothered with a pitch-pipe is an open question, research-wise... [comment from Ken Baddley, Bedford West Gallery Quire]
Blunham, Baptist Chapel Chapel with west gallery (fairly modern).

Asterisks denote churches in preparation

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